andreas gursky at hayward gallery: the secrets behind his larger-than-life photographs

by:Rocket PCB     2019-12-18
In photography, go to gulsky if you want to be big.
This week, the work exhibition of German photographer Andreas gulsky opened at the newly renovated Hayward Gallery, the first exhibition of the building since 2015.
The gallery must consider an important thing when presenting gulsky\'s work-they need a lot of space.
Photos made by Gursky are often more than three pixels long when printed-nothing compared to the unreal space he managed to cram into the image itself.
So what\'s the secret behind his huge picture?
You need a little more than your iPhone . . . . . . The images are stitched together digitally, and the photos of gulsky are larger inside than outside.
They seem to encapsulate the impossible distance, height, and depth, but how?
As early as the 1990 s, he was one of the first photographers to use new technologies to digitize their work.
He began to try to enhance the spatial illusion in his image by stitching together photos taken from subtle different angles or positions on the topics he chose.
This is an early example of Paris, Montparnasse (1993)
You can see it at the Hayward Gallery exhibition.
In this photo, Gursky took two separate photos of a Modernist residential area in the Paris area and stitched them together to create a seemingly endless concrete space, while also creating
He was taken with photographs of large format film camerasGursky, not only able to pass the distance, but also for images printed by size, there are significant details.
These super clear images are created by using a large-format film camera.
This means that there is much more space for the image to be taken, so more details can be captured.
He prints on the largest piece of paper-and then adds some of his most famous images to the Rhine II (1999)
In 2011, it was sold for more than £ 3 million, making it the most expensive photo in the world. 5m in length.
You might think \"it\'s not as big as the billboard at the end of my road\", but printing an oversized, fine art photo is another pot of fish.
In the early days of his career, gulsky wanted to make his work bigger and bigger, which forced him to leave the studio and enter the business Lab to print photos, not even big enough;
He began to combine huge sheets of paper to create images two metres high and nearly five metres long.
He even used the helicopter and cranesIn Gursky\'s work \"perspective as King\".
He blends multiple perspectives in one image, so it\'s impossible to look at them from a static perspective.
In other words, you are never sure where you should stand.
Not to mention, he likes to capture images from the usual angle and often uses cranes (
Helicopters sometimes)
Take images from high heights.
This agency is used to create Bahrain I (2005)
This is also a feature of the Hayward exhibition.
This photo was taken from a helicopter showing Bahrain\'s f1 track with asphalt crossing the beach.
Of course, Gursky has manipulated the image to display the track in an impossible format. He manipulated (
Often saturated)
Colurandreas Gursky is often associated with the School of Photography in duseldorf, as well as artists including Thomas Ralph and Candice Hofer, both of whom are considered to be highly influential photographers
The couple, known for being black and white, created images of industrial buildings that they observed scientifically: However, gulsky is largely a colorurist.
This is especially evident in his Chicago Board of Trade series-some of his most famous pictures-to observe a trading hall consisting of crazy employees in multiple outfits
Color jacket.
Gursky often digitally enhances the color in his photos, as in 99 cents II (1999/2009).
This photo is on display in Hayward, showing a series of colorful products that have been manipulated, and gulsky even superimposed a reflection on the ceiling of the store, emphasizing the ruthlessness of consumerism.
See the work of Andreas gulsky at the Hayward Gallery from January 25-April 22;
South Bank Centerco.
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