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by:Rocket PCB     2020-07-30
Now 5 g, 5 g era coming, as the mother of the electronics industry, PCB PCB of all components of the carrier, in the chain of the largest and most benefit is the PCB industry. 5 g development cannot leave the construction of large-scale data center, is bound to increase the server, the server cannot be separated from the development of PCB, because of the traffic carried by the data center and great for transmission speed requirement is very high, so for PCB PCB layers and the material requirements also will be more and more high, this kind of circumstance, the needs of high-end communication board are up significantly. With the advancement of 5 g construction, because of the characteristic of the 5 g high speed, high frequency, in terms of a single base station, communication circuit board value also has a lot of ascension, 5 g base station construction demand for communication board will further boost. First of all, the number of 5 g base stations is much more than the current 4 g base stations, especially in the blind spot area covering a certain number of base stations, this undoubtedly boost the demand for communication circuit board. Secondly, due to the increased 5 g channel, so for multilayer monolithic PCB circuit board area and the layer number is more demanding, area increased to 35 cm, from 15 cm layer also upgrade from double-sided circuit boards to 12 layer board ( Multilayer circuit board) 。 In addition, the value of 5 g base stations are higher than 4 g base stations, 5 g base stations to use high speed high frequency plank, the unit price is 5000 yuan / ㎡, and 4 g base stations unit price is 2000 yuan / ㎡, only is the value of the PCB so 5 g base station 2 of 4 g base stations. Five times, so the communication board value have increased substantially. According to Prismark forecast, 2016 PCB industry compound growth rate will reach 3% by 2020, the annual production of 2020 to $60 billion. In the current rapid development of cloud computing and 5 g environment, PCB as the basis of the whole electronic industry chain important strength, constantly changing environment drives the new direction of the PCB demand growth. PCB manufacturer, therefore, should continue to invest their resources on PCB engineering research and development, intelligent production management practice actively, steadily improve the level of production automation, to have different clients to provide a full range of PCB products and services strength.
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