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\'); }}by Ron Levine (IDG)--
Wireless technology can make many new, exciting products and markets.
Simple, affordable, short
Remote communications that are not restricted by wires and cables are driving a fast-growing mobile device industry that is blurring the boundaries between IT, telecom and consumer electronics.
Wireless trends are also fostering new and innovative solutions for the common communications dilemmas facing the business, industrial and medical industries.
Here are a few examples: a busy executive fumbled at a company meeting to open his briefcase and realized that the status report needed for his next agenda item was on his desk.
Fortunately, the executive has a wireless portable computer, so he is never out of touch with important reports, financial records, and other important information.
Because the wireless network is added to the existing wide area network (WAN)
Mobile executives at the company always have instant access to the Internet, email, and important documents.
Due to the growth, an insurance company had to relocate 250 people to a few blocks from their main facility.
Extended locations need to be as similar as possible to their original headquarters. The existing 1. 544-
The Mbps T1 line between the two buildings is not working.
To upgrade the current link to T1 equivalent to 100 Mbps at headquarters, they have to buy about 66 T1 from the phone company and then figure out how to connect them between buildings.
The better solution is the wire. free link.
An ISP in Toronto is considered the first ISP to provide wireless Internet access and wireless intranet connectivity throughout the city. Through point-of-
Tower of existence (
About 6 miles apart)
This ISP offers wired-
Free Internet access in the business world.
It can also offer a much lower price than a wired solution without sacrificing reliability. Health-
Nursing professionals rely heavily on the databases of their facilities to obtain patient records, prescription data, and other medical information.
Doctors, nurses and staff would like to carry their network with them in their daily rounds.
Now, they are not restricted by network cables and are equipped with devices similar to mobile electronic clipboard.
With just a few simple keys or mouse clicks, the patient\'s chart can be entered directly into the main computer, eliminating dependence on the following
Handwritten notes are illegible.
Users from all walks of life want to be able to plug in wires-Free everywhere.
However, things are not so simple;
There are many wireless technologies on the market that operate in different modes and incompatible frequency bands.
Therefore, many wireless devices cannot communicate with each other at all.
Bluetooth is an industry. standard point-to-point, short-
Radio frequency connection technology.
This is the specification for incorporating wireless communication capabilities into existing products and new products.
Bluetooth has applications from mobile phones to wireless LAN.
Today, more than 1,200 companies, including computing, telecom and network vendors, support Bluetooth wireless standards.
Why is standard so important?
Without them, interoperability has become a major limiting factor in the successful application of wireless technologies.
With the Bluetooth standard, all types of mobile devices can communicate easily and reliably within a short distance.
It may be easy for end users to insert;
However, it is not easy to actually integrate Bluetooth wireless design specifications into the final product.
Let\'s take a look at the main steps: many vendors, integrators, and product managers want Bluetooth\'s wireless capabilities to be built directly into their products.
This can be achieved in several ways-
The most common method is to add a complete Bluetooth module to the printed circuit board (PCB)
, Or by adding a radio frequency (RF)
The baseband chipset of the module and PCB.
Bluetooth can also be implemented as an IP on the test chip and then integrated into the final product.
Wireless anyway-
Newcomers to the product tend to underestimate the complexity of the design phase and integration tasks.
Newcomers to wireless design will almost certainly exceed their time. to-
Market distribution.
Remember Murphy\'s Law?
When integrating wireless functionality into an embedded device, problems and problems are almost always present.
Here are some common difficulties: These troubles are not uncommon for a new technology, and Bluetooth is difficult to implement and integrate.
It\'s wireless-
This means its challenging and expensive product specifications.
This is also a new and immature design standard with few production hardware available and the software is just beginning to emerge.
Many Bluetooth users are new to wireless technology and it\'s not as easy as it looks.
For those developers, for those developers who have timeto-
Outsourcing Bluetooth design and integration tasks may be a viable option before the market deadline.
If you choose an experienced Bluetooth design vendor, you will gain their knowledge immediately
How and expertise;
Outsourcing can reduce your time. to-market (
Reduce related costs)
Because these vendors have gone through the initial Bluetooth learning phase, successfully solved the problem and developed a successful solution.
Some people have been using the specification since 1998 was released-
They designed the protocol stack and the baseband core and completed many projects.
Some people have a lot of engineers who are constantly developing Bluetooth technology. They have given up Bluetooth technology. to-the-
Little knowledge about static
Standards of continuous development
Bluetooth designers can customize the industry-
Standard wireless features for new or existing products, while your own engineers focus on your core technologies.
Cooperate with Bluetooth design integrator to provide you with the domain-
Build an effective method in your wire
Free communication tools
This reduces the risk of development and provides a shorter timeto-Market solutions.
This is a big advantage for everyone. -
Design team, product manager, manufacturer and customer.
In order to obtain the highest manufacturing yield, the design process should include extensive simulation and validation.
The focus has to be on quality, so there should be enough time allocated for project completion, which is easier to do when you outsource.
Outsourcing Project contracting;
Determine the deadline and budget in advance.
In contrast, in-
Changing marketing pressures and budget adjustments are often the victims of housing projects ---
Often lead to cutting corners during testing and validation in order to rush-
Produce the final product.
You usually pay a high price for it.
The amount of time between the initial design concept and manufacturing varies greatly, depending on many factors, some of which are within the control of the supplier.
According to my research, the possible duration of developing a new moderately complex wireless product is about 15 months ---
From specification work to mass production.
Remember, the Bluetooth subsystem perspective of time-to-
The market may be completely different from yours.
Product perspective.
Bluetooth may not be a traffic factor.
The cost of different products is also very different and can be increased by outsourcing.
Outsourced custom Bluetooth design app can provide payment options that are not available in-househouse.
Typically, one of several business models can be used to purchase a completed wireless design.
The unlimited license option allows customers to use designs indefinitely in a given technology;
The license and royalty model allows you to pay the outsourced supplier based on the number of implementation of the design or the number of chips sold with the design.
The choice of business model often depends on the relationship between the design supplier and the customer.
When comparing the cost of in-
The house is developed and outsourced, and don\'t forget to include the extras: test equipment, design tools, and qualification fees.
Another benefit of outsourcing is that the supplier should make the customer education component part of its design service.
Typically, vendors teach customers how to reuse Bluetooth wireless design in derivative products.
Bluetooth is no doubt transitioning from hype to reality.
The Bluetooth specification is suitable for desktop computing and peripherals, handheld communication devices, portable personal computers, mobile phones, consumer electronics, and the expansion of the company\'s LAN to mobile employees.
But it\'s also a new wireless technology, and the first sample of this technology is barely working properly.
For new product development, consider the different options offered by Bluetooth--
The wireless subsystem can be implemented as a module and chip set, and can also be integrated into the main products ---
And choose carefully to extend to the maximumterm profit.
Consider the quality of the software and take the time to develop and test properly.
Don\'t take shortcuts to meet unrealistic marketing deadlines.
Bluetooth will appear for a long time, and many generations will follow.
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