after dump, what happens to electronic waste?

by:Rocket PCB     2019-10-01
Many people will receive a new computer or mobile phone this holiday. -
Throw away their old equipment.
When old TVs and computers are landfill, the toxic metals and flame retardant they contain can cause environmental problems.
However, even if your email is recycled
Waste doesn\'t always mean you do the right thing.
\"Dirty little secret is when you put [
Your electronic crap.
For a recycler, about 80% of the material will soon find itself sitting on a container ship going to countries like China, Nigeria, India, Vietnam instead of throwing it into the trash can, Pakistan--
\"Something very dirty has happened there,\" said Jim paktt, executive director of the Basel Action Network, which is committed to keeping toxic waste out of the environment.
Puckett says recyclers can make money by selling metal recovered in electronic equipment, but the process of recycling available metal is usually toxic.
Workers who remove metals often do not have protective equipment to breathe a lot of toxic chemicals that are then released into the atmosphere.
Most countries that do processing--
China, India, Ghana, Pakistan-
There are no regulations to protect workers or prevent original recycling operations.
Puckett described his trip to Guiya, China, in December 2001, as an \"online trip\"age nightmare.
\"This is the only place in the world where you will see thousands of women sitting there any day. . .
\"It\'s basically a printed circuit board,\" he said . \"
\"So they are breathing all of the heat-up flame retardant of Bromo and lead and tin.
You smell it in the air.
You will have a headache as soon as you enter the area.
Really sad.
\"What should you do with your old electronics? How does your computer or handheld electronics end up in developing countries where people remove the available metal by hand?
The answer, Puckett says, is that electronic recycling is a very profitable business.
\"Recyclers can only become recyclers in name,\" he said . \". \"These so-
People known as recyclers find that they can make more money just by exporting this material because of the U. S.
This is fully permitted by law.
They are able to externalize the actual cost of doing things in a way that is responsible to the environment.
Puckett said: \"Hundreds of containers leave North America every day, filled with electronic waste.
\"It\'s a huge deal and what\'s happening is that we \'ve passed the law to make recycling a password.
Unfortunately, this is the password for a lot of very sad results, \"he said.
But there are ways to make sure your old electronics are handled by a reputable recycler, Puckett says.
Check if your recycler first wants to see if the old device can be reused.
\"Reuse is always more eco-friendly,\" Puckett said . \".
\"If you could give me an extra life ---
Additional years-
So the renovation is really what you want your recycler to do.
\"Reputable recyclers will use mechanical crushing and high-profile, if they do not choose to renovate
The technical separation device for removing the available metal can then be sent to the smelter.
\"About six smelters on Earth are good environmental smelters,\" he said . \".
\"This is not the case for many of them. . . .
But that\'s what it does when you don\'t throw it awayshore.
You take the metal very carefully, take the plastic and try to recycle each of them separately.
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