A prerequisite for high quality PCB

by:Rocket PCB     2020-07-08
With the rapid development of science and technology, more and more high-tech is gradually into people's lives. PCB circuit board applications are becoming more and more broad scope, this is because there are a lot of electronic equipment and its involved products we can choose to a professional printed circuit board. And in view of the intelligent electronic products for high quality PCB circuit boards can strengthen the circuit stability of the goods, thus can make goods get excellent overall performance optimization. The following is a small make up as a prerequisite for high quality PCB. 1, line layout is reasonable, clever call all circuit board, so the importance of circuit layout need not I say more, hee hee. After considering the power supply and the instruction of electronic products to a variety of reaction must be by means of printed circuit board to complete, so the high quality PCB circuit boards will require in conformity with the provisions of circuit design. Can consider according to the complexity of the electronic product design into a single, double panel and laminated, just no matter choose which type of printed circuit board must have the accuracy of the circuit to control and conform to the regulations, layout, to prevent because redundant lines and cause caton phenomenon. 2, good heat resistance, heat resistance of circuit board is very important to measure its quality. Customer received after the PCB circuit boards need to be assembled within their required goods, in the assembly link welding is one of the most commonly used method. So for high quality of printed circuit boards need to heat. And should consider carrying the instantaneous high temperature of welding. BGA boards ( PCB circuit boards) 3, small thermal expansion coefficient of thermal expansion coefficient is also very important. High quality PCB circuit board should have the appearance of relatively stable, in cold and hot environment under the influence of a sharp contraction and expansion can happen, so its thermal expansion coefficient of the need to control within the range of small, otherwise will harm the product quality and using effect on the printed circuit board. Close to the substrate of grave damage to electronic components. 4, brightening smooth appearance although it is semi-finished products, to measure the quality of PCB first consideration is the appearance. Printed circuit board surface to the inside of the light level and wiring should conform to the regular and smooth, in addition to the base plate bending deformation and bumpy problems must not be, must not have crack and more shed scar and ink. This is high quality circuit boards to have part of the standard. This shows a piece of printed circuit board size is small but it is significant, so the enterprise only to find a reputable PCB circuit board manufacturers, to ensure processing of printed circuit boards in many ways, can consider to meet the corresponding standards, thus ensuring product quality PCB circuit board. Above represent only my personal view, welcome to correct me criticism!
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