Why circuit board must be clean after soldering

by:Rocket PCB     2020-07-10
Regardless of the performance of the high and low flux are more or less corrosive, circuit board solder residue, the residue after can lead to corrosion, leakage, ion migration and so on different issues. So get rid of the flux residue, of course, will be industry as an important work. The effect of the processing on earth, why? By dongguan Rocket PCB circuit board factory below small make up and all of you know about this aspect also needs to have the appropriate method to validate and tracking. Circuit board soldering after cleaning effect, should be based on solder residue ions residue. MIL specification is adopted by the MIL - P - 10, 28809551 tests should have 6 mq - The resistivity of cm or more. By measuring the per unit area of the metal, quantitative calculating resistivity after cleaning, looking to cleanliness resistance should be keep in 2 mq - Cm or more. Cleanliness test of PCB/PCB representative Ionogurafu and omegaMeter, in MIL specification was identified as simple and convenient method to measure the cleanliness. Any principle, a method is after dealing with the cleaning of solder joints on the remaining ionic dirt, through solvent extraction as indicators to measure its electric conductivity change. Ionogufafu method of cleanliness measurement, it is will be the determination of metal impregnation solution in high resistivity ( Lsoburobiruarukoru75%25% distilled water) Out of ionic substances, pollutants and cleanliness through solution conductivity changes. Cleanliness of the indicators will be subject to ask out of sodium chloride equivalent, which means that the pollution of ion ( ugNaCI/Cm2) 。 If this method residue can't dissolve in lsoburobiruarukoru, we cannot determine the pollution degree.
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