Why are all the circuit lines on the crooked

by:Rocket PCB     2020-07-11
With the high-speed development of modern science and technology, our life more and more inseparable from all kinds of electronic products. A lot of curiosity heavy likes to some old friends, or a bad electronics apart to see. At that time, we will find that the electronic products can have some of the circuit board inside, but the circuit board inside the circuit is too complex, too? Why would the circuit inside the winding let ordinary people completely look not to understand? It might be good if the circuit of design into a straight line? It may surprise you. By dongguan Rocket PCB manufacturer below small make up together with all of you to look at! First of all, we all know now electronic products are as small as possible, the more detailed, the better. This design must have a strict limits on the circuit board wiring and requirements, so as to hold so many electronic components. If design in a straight line that is sure to lead to increase the area of the circuit board, as a result, also do not conform to the portable compact design. Seemingly every line is desultorily, actually every route through careful calculation. Every element on the circuit board to guarantee the normal operation, you must have strict requirements, once not according to the specific lines, will inevitably lead to error data. Why circuit board line is the winding second, even if we don't care about the size of the circuit board, circuit design in the circuit board into a straight line, that also can cause other problems. In the circuit board, the line is will need to turn. If we line design in the circuit board into line, then the turning Angle to reach ninety degrees. Because the line at ninety degrees turn is easy to generate a lot of reflection, the circuit board in the production process is easy to be broken. In this way, not only cause the waste of materials, even if will circuit board produced successfully, it is easy to produce quality problem. So this is also to ensure the integrity of the signal, the designer should consider when the design. A distribution with different components on printed circuit boards, have all kinds of power supply, all kinds of capacitance, resistance and so on. And between each of the parts together, it will produce interference with each other, so when the design must consider this. And wiring, the curve is used to signal delay difference between various parts of the would remain in a range, so as not to cause when reading disorder. If it is a bad wiring, not only can make the product performance degradation, sometimes even affect the success rate of product, so don't see is a small wiring, the content of the involved or a lot. So, don't look at PCB circuit was designed to be wound its way as no law, but there is a great wisdom in it. After watching you still dare open electronic equipment?
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