Who are main customers to Rocket PCB?
Rocket PCB Solution Ltdis mainly aimed at foreign markets where the downstream companies may use it to do further manufacturing. This brand positioned as a product of high quality and reasonable price. This is a basis for customer selection. Premium marketed products may be developed under Rocket and the corresponding clients may be sought.

Rocket . specializes in offering quality double sided pcb to ensure that your company is one step ahead of the competition. The cavity pcb series is available in a wide range of types and specifications. Standard production: Rocket double sided pcb is produced in line with production standards. These standards are up to both domestic and international standards and contribute to the fine craftsmanship of this product. Its parts are spaced evenly and traces are symmetric and uniform. The product can be turned on instantly, at the same time producing soft and natural light. It is flicker-free unlike traditional incandescent bulbs. It reduces the component welding points and is possible in the reduction of the failure rate.

Since founded, we brand has been paying a lot of attention to increasing customer satisfication. Call!
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