What kind of situation will circuit board deformation

by:Rocket PCB     2020-05-23
Circuit laying on the copper surface area is not uniform, worsen plate bending and become warped. 1, general circuit boards will be designed with a large area of copper foil for grounding, sometimes Vcc layer has designed a large area of copper foil, when these large areas of copper foil can not evenly distributed in the same circuit boards, will cause uneven heat and cooling speed, circuit boards, of course, also can heat bilges cold shrink, if increases and can't will cause different stress and deformation at the same time, this time the temperature of the PCB board if Tg has reached the upper limit value, PCB board will start to soften, causing permanent deformation. 2, circuit board between each layer ( Vias, hole) Will limit the board increases. Today most of the circuit board for the multilayer circuit board, and there will be between layer and layer to rivet as join point ( vias) , connecting points is divided into hole, blind hole and buried hole, connection point to place can limit the effects of multilayer PCB board up cold, also can cause circuit board plate bending and indirect become warped. Double-sided printed circuit board ( PCB circuit boards)
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