What are the most commonly used PCB circuit board design software

by:Rocket PCB     2020-06-25
For PCB PCB designers choose to design software, can help the PCB designer to develop a good design habits, and can ensure the quality of good design. Today, as a professional manufacturer of PCB design, 火箭PCB) Small make up just to share with you, what are the commonly used software PCB circuit board design? 1, the PADS software PADS is a production of PCB circuit board software, laying copper in Hatch way, minimum custom solder fill the minimum D code cannot be less than zero. Laying the copper of 0254 mm, this is the most complete. 2, Protel 99 SE Protel 99 SE is based on the pure 32-bit under the Windows operating system circuit design plate making system, provides an integrated design environment, including schematic design and PCB wiring tools, the design of the integrated document management, support for working through the network collaborative design function. / 3, PROTEL PCB PCB drawing/DXP PROTEL DXP is all design tool set in one of the first to board level design system, had all the characteristics of advanced design, today can handle all kinds of complex PCB design process, design for designers to provide comprehensive solutions. 4, ALTIUMDesigner ALTIUMDesigner through the schematic design and circuit simulation, PCB map editor, topology logic automatic wiring, output signal integrity analysis and design techniques such as perfect fusion, provides designers with a new solution that can greatly improve the design quality and efficiency of PCB. Above the four is the most commonly used domestic PCB circuit board design software. Rocket PCB manufacturers, software regardless of good or bad, the designer only choose to suit their own PCB circuit board design software, give full play to the value of the software, make it worth.
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