using the right hedge trimmers in lawn care

by:Rocket PCB     2019-12-11
Some hedge trimmer machines are more suitable for specific applications.
That\'s why we need to choose the right one.
The type of gas hedge trimmer discussed is. .
* Single-sided * double-sided * bar or lengthened single-sided hedge trimmer is used to cut the straight-line part of the hedge.
This is a great trimmer if you have big shrubs and need to go straight.
Because it has a single-sided blade, it can be longer than the double-sided blade and will not be too heavy.
The center of gravity of the machine is closer to the fuselage than the double-sided hedge trimmer.
In this way, more trimming can be done to reduce fatigue.
Unlike single-sided blades, the double-sided trimmer allows you to trim in the back and in the fourth horizontal and vertical motion without moving around.
Double Sided is better for plastic surgery.
If you have a lot of small shrubs (3\' or 4\')
, So the shorter cutting blade is easier to use and more efficient.
This means more profit.
Remember to keep your center of gravity as close to your body as possible.
The pole trimmer is used for low and high shrubs and usually you have to have a ladder.
These trimmer generally have a 90 degree cut head adjusted to increase comfort, reach and efficiency.
When trimming hedges and shrubs that exceed 10\', more than 30 \"blades are used.
The pole trimmer looks like a straight-axis grass trimmer with a hedge blade.
In fact, some commercial lawn cutters have an accessory that can turn them into pole cutters.
Redmax and Stihl are the two I think.
There are others.
The blade cutting option of the commercial hedge trimmer is roughly from 18 \"-40\".
They are designed to have a larger gap between teeth than the homeowner\'s model.
This is to increase productivity and durability.
If your fleet adds a hedge trimmer, look for certain aspects.
Remember to make sure the machine is well balanced.
Don\'t Always compare weights between different machines.
The same is true of the people who trim the lawn.
A lighter machine without a good balance feels better than a actually heavier machine, which affects productivity.
Most commercial hedge trimmer weights from 10-15lbs.
Compare the business assurance of the manufacturer.
Good for two years.
In Memphis, hedges and shrubs are trimmed 3 to 4 times a year, so you should get a lot of life from the hedges. Check for. .
* Excessive vibration * hand guard * Oil door lock switch-
The throttle cannot be engaged when turned on. * Blade locks-
Keep the blade still when the engine is idling * Stop button-
Like the kill switch * sleeve-
For blades that are not in use * Other features go to dealers that sell different models.
Ask about the reliability and repair time of the model.
You can also ask if they have a lender and you can borrow it in the store.
If you can\'t buy a hedge trimmer or any other device in your town. i. e. the internet.
In my book, I talked about the maintenance of hedge trimmer and other equipment, as well as a series of other useful ideas to start or develop the lawn care business.
When you read this book, you will see my passion for the industry.
Oh, read the manual by the way. I\'m joking! Best of Luck!
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