spying: real spooks don’t make drama out of a crisis

by:Rocket PCB     2019-11-17
Ten years is a long time on television, so the demise of the bbc TV series spy in nearly a decade should not be seen as a failure.
This is a huge success that has shaped a young audience for a generation.
It does what Top Gear does for the smart and security world for the automotive industry-keeping it in the public eye, indulging our fantasies and giving a lot of people jobs, broaden the boundaries of integrity.
It hosted millions of people.
But it has nothing to do with espionage.
This is not because its producers are not trying to be realistic.
They used the buildings of MI5 and MI6 as the background, redesigned the interior, hired former spies as script consultants, and looked for stories that reflected the current incident, and use actors like they think are similar to the young men and women who joined the intelligence agency these days.
But they are forced to stimulate once a week with quick action, personal drama and quick solutions.
Of course, this is not the case with life.
Whoever describes war as 90 waits and 10% terrorists should try to make a living out of espionage, waiting there, researching, recording-most of the rest are talking.
It\'s hard to make good TV from it.
Take the Lockerbie bombing as an example.
This is a dramatic tragic event that, if they first imagine, will be hit in the middle of the spy area.
How will they deal with the slow breakdown of the plot and the final discovery of the perpetrators?
There was a shooting incident at the Middle East Cafe, a terrible murder that kept someone in London silent, causing a blood name to be written on the broken glass and then some hi-
Technical interception, Chase, tornado attacks on secret facilities, submarine or helicopter landings, and successful robbery of villains for important information.
At the same time, a hero or heroine breaks up or gets together with his or her other half, or both.
All the fun is made up of elements that are filmed separately and may just be a feature in real life.
However, the reality is hard laying
In a huge hangar, every recyclable piece of aircraft and other things (not people)in it.
After months of quiet analysis, exciting clues disappeared in the investigation until eventually one found a small piece of the printed circuit board embedded in the neckline of the shirt.
This proved to be part of Switzerland.
The timing mechanism was made and the remainder of the shirt was traced back to a shop in Malta.
The rest is history-but for the 13 years between the incident and the conviction, it\'s not going to be a good TV.
However, due to all of its unlikely plots,the-
Still, spies are part of an ancient tradition of espionage. writing.
It began in the early last century with popular thrillers about the upcoming German invasion, as well as more literature from Conrad, Kipling and Erskine Childers.
There are always two elements of tradition: the bouchanesque action line, taking James Bond as an example, and the moral and personal ambiguity that runs through Maugham and Green to Le Carrey.
Spy TV bias towards action is more of the former, though they often work in the latter\'s elements.
Monty Hall\'s TV resume spy can gracefully pull out of espionage: Five shocking moments, like those of early books, have had an impact on what it claims to portray.
The international recognition of Fleming and Le Carrey has become the voice of the world. card for real-
British spy life
In the most remote backstreets or the darkest alleys, you can whisper, \"I\'m from the British intelligence agency, I hope you can help me,\" and they recognize and trust you.
Try to say you\'re from the Belgian intelligence agency and see how far you can go.
Spies can only enhance this effect.
Regardless of the untrustworthy nature of the plot or act, one would assume that it reflects some potential reality.
At the very least, they feel connected to an organization that wants results and gets things done.
Because of this, they will feel that they are contributing, and some people will pay attention to what they say. They are very important.
The plain reality may be slow and rough black and white movies, but when they have spies behind their eyes, they see it with music and color.
This is, of course, two-way.
There is no doubt that many disappointed applicants from MI5 and MI6 think they will join the cast.
It is said that many people will not apply (
Especially for the six military positions)
Because the producer of the spy replaced the effort to produce real drama with violence and unhappiness.
It is clear that women are particularly delayed, but they don\'t have to worry: espionage is about talking to people, not killing them.
Dare the BBC shoot out the promised new drama?
I bet they won\'t.
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