spreadtrum expects 20 percent growth in india business this year

by:Rocket PCB     2019-12-03
Mobile chipset company zhanxun Communications expects that due to the increase in demand for smartphones, India\'s business will grow by 20% by the end of this year.
\"Since 2012, we have grown in India in double digits --13.
It is now the second largest mobile phone market.
Compared with last year, we expect business growth to reach 20% by the end of this year, \"Li Yanhong, Chairman, CEO and president of zhanxun, said in an interview with PTI.
The company has recently received a lot of attention because Jio phones provide chipset.
In India, the company sells mobile chipsets to Lava, Karbonn, Micromax, Celkon, Samsung, etc.
Li said India is in 15-
The overall business of 20%.
\"Some Samsung phones sold in India also use the display chipset, but we don\'t calculate the bills presented to them in the Indian business.
\"We have a 55% market share in the Indian market, which is about for smartphones, and the rest for feature phones,\" said Neeraj Sharma, head of communications country at zhanxun . \".
The company says it will sell 0. 13 billion chipsets in India.
Most printed circuit boards (PCB)
Imported from India.
We sell most of the chipset to companies that ship pcb in China (motherboard)
This part of the business is not included in India\'s revenue.
\"Once the PCB manufacturing industry in India picks up, there will be much more revenue in India,\" Sharma said . \".
Mr Li said Mr platram would launch a \"design in India\" program to encourage businesses and entrepreneurs to design mobile phones in India.
He said the company also hopes to expand its business in areas such as the Internet of Things, digital TV and industrial control systems.
\"We are working on a high-end chipset with features that can rebuild the user\'s face or print with a 3D printer.
We will charge $30.
These chipsets for smartphone companies have increased by an additional 35.
Will launch in China in January
In February, its shipments in India are expected to be in 2018, \"Li said.
The company sells a Smartphone Chipset for $10-
15 units and $1-
A unit of a functional telephone.
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