sniper skin wins top prize at lion’s lair contest

by:Rocket PCB     2019-09-08
A longer-
A lasting replacement for hockey tapes is the winner of the 5 th annual Lions nest competition.
Sniper skin, which produces plastic alternatives to hockey tape, won $77,000 in cash and revenue
Good resources on Wednesday night.
The awards include KPMG\'s accounting services, the marketing services of the AIBO brand and the $10,000 web development services of fluid media companies.
The company made a handle that fits the handle of a hot underwater stick.
It was designed by hockey dad, mechanical engineer Lee Wright.
Last year, Wright came up with the idea when he was tired of replacing the fabric tape on the child\'s stick.
This is the first time Wright filed a patent for a company including John Deere, who himself marketed his ideas.
He sells the look on the Internet. ca.
The second place is ExVivo Labs, the company\'s non-
The invasive skin patch test is designed to change the allergy test.
ExVivo received $10,000 in cash and $40,000 in cashkind services.
Blue Orchid is ranked third for its lifting device, which is designed to make it easier for caregivers to move.
The third included $10,000 in cash and $25,000 in business services.
The People\'s Choice Award was awarded to low development. cost pick-and-
Place machines for manufacturers, start-ups and others who struggle with the assembly of small-batch printed circuit boards.
The bonus includes $1,500 in cash provided by the Meridian Financial Credit Union.
About 550 people attended a Wednesday evening party in the Carmen ballroom.
The competition was established in 2010 and hosted by the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce and the McMaster Innovation Factory.
The competition is based on the Dragon Cave, giving emerging entrepreneurs every year the opportunity to market their business ideas to a group of local business professionals.
This year\'s experts include Cheri Chevalier of Microsoft Canada, Tonia Jahshan of tea-soaked companies, Michael Macaluso of Carstar Canada, and Pearson Dunn insurance.
Previous Lion\'s nest winners include Ranggo: an app that allows diners to provide instant feedback on menu items in the form of coupons (2014)
RZR skating knife: performing hockey skating knife (2013)
, Neat feeder: Hay
Pet cage feeding institutions (2012)
Weever Apps: a software development company that converts websites into mobile applications (2011). akenny@thespec. com 905-526-
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