smartphones likely to get more expensive now: 10 things to know

by:Rocket PCB     2019-10-09
Printed Circuit Board filled (PCB)
It is the bed for key components such as processors, memory and wireless chipset, which are the core of electronic devices.
Once the Pcb is filled with components, it accounts for about half of the cost of smartphones.
At present, most smartphone manufacturers import the pcb that has already loaded the components into India and then assemble it locally.
The proposal is awaiting approval from the Ministry of Finance.
Government and industry sources told Reuters that new tariffs could be imposed in a few days, once approved by the Ministry of Finance.
This will make the import of the PCB more expensive and prompt the player to install the components locally. In the near-
In the long run, these actions may stimulate companies such as Apple to expand their limited manufacturing and assembly capabilities in India and bring advantages to companies such as Samsung Electronics in South Korea and Lava, a local company, there are already machines that install components on the pcb.
A company executive told Reuters in a recent interview that China\'s OPPO is also installing surface-mounted machines in a new facility built in northern India.
According to two industry insiders, Foxconn is one of the world\'s largest contract manufacturers of electronic products, and the company\'s local department is also capable.
This will be a step in the good direction.
How is this full-
\"Mass manufacturing is happening . \"N. Rai, co-
Founder of Lava, he added that the move will also gradually boost local production of components such as smartphone cameras and screens.
If this initiative is implemented, it will be the latest step in Prime Minister Modi\'s phased manufacturing plan (PMP)
A plan released in 2016 is to increase local value every year in the field of smartphone manufacturing.
Prime Minister Modi wants to turn India into a global manufacturing hub to boost economic growth and create tens of millions of new jobs.
While his flagship \"Made in India\" program is still a long way from delivering on lofty work commitments, Modi has achieved some success in PMP.
Technology research firm Counterpoint says more than 100 local factories in India are assembling accessories such as mobile phones and chargers, batteries, power supplies and headphones.
According to a document from the Ministry of Public electronics, PMP currently envisages assembling camera modules and printed circuit boards locally for the fiscal year starting in April 1.
Since then, the Modi government has raised a series of low tariffs
Evaluate items such as batteries, chargers and imported mobile phones.
However, any move to impose tariffs on densely populated PCBs is likely to be picked up by several countries and raise concerns about a trade war.
Last week, countries such as China, Canada and the United States expressed concern to the World Trade Organization about India\'s tariffs on such equipment.
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