samsung galaxy s9 said to use next-gen substrate like pcb technology: report

by:Rocket PCB     2019-10-09
While we are still approaching the launch of Samsung\'s flagship Galaxy Note 8, leaks about next year\'s Galaxy S series have begun to emerge.
A recent report suggests that Samsung will not include the followingthe-
The fingerprint sensor is displayed on the Galaxy S9, and now another report says the company will use lp (
PCB substrate)
The motherboard on the smartphone makes room for a larger battery than its predecessor model.
This is basically the next one-
ET News said in its report that power generation boards using semiconductor packaging technology will be the first time Samsung Electronics has applied lp to its products.
The report quoted industry sources as saying that Samsung will use lp as the motherboard connecting major smartphone components such as DRAM and AP (
Application Processor)
And NAND flash memory.
\"Samsung Electronics is preparing to produce SLPs with multiple Korean PCB (
Printed circuit board)
Manufacturers such as Samsung ElectronicsMechanics Co. , Ltd.
\"The corresponding manufacturers are currently introducing the equipment needed for production,\" Etnews said in the report . \".
It is said that one of its main features is to increase the number of layers while reducing the area and width through semiconductor packaging technology, thus doubling the efficiency.
Modern smartphone-
Manufacturers must efficiently install all mobile phone components in a narrow frame, and this lp Board will provide an opportunity for Korean companies to include larger batteries in their flagship Galaxy S9 smartphones
It is worth noting that the report also pointed out that Apple\'s upcoming iPhone this year will also adopt lp boards.
If this switch is made by Apple and Samsung, then it is also likely that other smartphone manufacturers will not take a long time to introduce dlp boards on their devices.
Due to Samsung\'s previous explosion problems caused by the Galaxy Note 7 battery failure, it would be wise if the company was very cautious in making any decisions on the battery issue and taking into account user safety.
A previous report on the Galaxy S9 showed that the smartphone will display the same size and shape as this year\'s model.
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