Quality is the life of PCB enterprise

by:Rocket PCB     2020-08-10
Quality problem like people to eat every day, not a day, not a day not value, otherwise, the moment of neglect, the title of the article may be changed to 'quality for enterprise's life'. For our PCB factory, the quality is as important, such as some special procedure of the board, we will circuit board manufacturer requires paper between layers are separated. And before the process of our PCB is separated with pig cage frame. Avoid chafed lead to scrap. High-precision multi-layer circuit board quality is enterprise's life, expressed the meaning of this sentence is: if the quality of the product was not up to standard, will eventually refused to be eliminated by the market by users. Reputation for quality products lose no competitiveness. Light and is refused by the user, then, malignant accidents may occur. An enterprise, therefore, the quality of products, not only is the product selling does not sell out of the question, more to the point is whether the collapse of his relationship with the enterprise, whether a user claims, even if lawsuits, is really relationship with the big enterprise survival problems. Want to do a good job in quality, Rocket PCB factory here small make up I will mention the mention of the field management of enterprise management. Companies will be slightly more formal daily 5 s inspection. Like Rocket PCB circuit, the daily inspection is necessary. Actually a lot of time if the scene arrangement, reorganization and other work done, and existing some quality problems will improve a lot. Any enterprise, when the organization production, there will always be the choice of quality and quantity, or temporary and self-destruction of enterprise development, the benefit of either attaches great importance to the quality, carefully cultivated, according to industry quality management standards strictly enforced, jitc standard. And in so doing businesses, seems a little trouble, in fact, it is this 'trouble', enable enterprises to win the trust of users and consumers.
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