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multistage HDI PCB laser electronics

multistage HDI PCB laser electronics

multistage HDI PCB laser electronics
  • multistage HDI PCB laser electronics
  • multistage HDI PCB laser electronics
  • multistage HDI PCB laser electronics
  • multistage HDI PCB laser electronics

multistage HDI PCB laser electronics

Board thickness:
Surface treatment:
Immersion Gold, ENIG, Immersion silver/Sn, HASL, LF-HASL
Stack up N+N, Min Track/Width 3/3mil, Blind & Buried vias, laser vias
L/C,T/T,Western Union
UL Consumer (Wear, Electronic Digital, Household Appliances, Connectors)/Industrial Control/Automobile TS16949/Medical/Server, Cloud Computing & Base Station/Aviation/Military/Communication (Certification in Related Applications)
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Product Advantage
  • With the pursuit of excellence, Rocket PCB is committed to showing you unique craftsmanship in HDI PCB.
  • As one of Rocket PCB's main products, HDI PCB has wide applications.
  • The quality of this product is ensured by strict management system and complete quality control system.
  • We can provide you one-stop solution and effective suggestions after you buy our pcb board.
  • Rich in talent, Rocket PCB gathers a group of professional talents who are engaged in R&D, technology, marketing, and management.
Product Details
With the pursuit of perfection, Rocket PCB exerts ourselves for well-organized production and high-quality printed circuit board.printed circuit board produced by Rocket PCB are of safety, good design, easy installation, and wide applications. In the practical application, they effectively guarantee the stable operation of the power system as well as reduce the operating cost of the system. They are favored by many customers with high economic value.Rocket PCB carefully selects quality raw materials. Production cost and product quality will be strictly controlled. This enables us to produce printed circuit board which is more competitive than other products in the industry. It has advantages in internal performance, price, and quality.
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Enterprise Strength
  • Rocket PCB has an experienced management team and a group of professional production personnel. This lays a solid foundation for company development.
  • Rocket PCB attaches great importance to service. We are committed to providing excellent service for customers based on professional service know-how.
  • Rocket PCB always considers talent as one of the decisive factors for our sustainable development. Focusing on people and striving for common development are our corporate tenet. A talents team, created based on local, is the soul of the enterprise and also the motivation for rapid development.
  • After years of development, Rocket PCB summarized a complete advanced production method for electric equipment, which is widely accepted in the industry. We have greatly improved our industry influence.
  • Rocket PCB's products are mainly sold to domestic major cities and are exported to North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, and other foreign markets.
Company Advantages
1. Complete models of HDI PCB are available with high quality.
2. Our proposed HDI PCB has the advantages of pcb assembly .
3. The product can meet a variety of application needs and has broad market potential.
High-density Interconnect PCBs

As one of the most popular products in Rocket PCB Solution Ltd, HDI PCB wins increasing popularity.

FR4 is an essential material for manufacturing the product. Various brands and sizes are available. It is designed to meet the industry criterion. Key technologies used in production include LDI, Laser etching. Supported by 4+N+4 structure capability, HDI PCB is of such characteristics as improves the wiring density of the inner signal layer,great help to Power integrity ang singal integrity. HDI PCB is practical for communication, medical, military, security, industrial, automotive fields.

Guided by the principle of 'Service creates value, service wins respect and service builds brand ', we continue to grow and develop. Welcome people from all walks of life to consult and cooperate. https://www.rocket-pcb.com

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Rocket PCB Solution Ltd is passionate about making a difference in the manufacturing industry, so we’re always expanding the research and driving the innovation to find new and practical solutions.
Throughout years of hard work in the manufacturing industry, the R&D team has served as a pillar of Rocket PCB. As time goes by, the R&D team has been expanded to 50 people. With the accumulation of 10 years of experience, each member is skilled at dealing with engineering data by absorbing in advanced technology. All of them are able to provide technical service for customers.

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HDI PCB is one of the most distinguished product among those collections in Rocket PCB Solution Ltd.
It comes with various structures. The design of it caters to varied needs of customers at home and abroad. Impedance control, dense circuit is adopted to produce high-quality HDI PCB. With such parameters as 4+N+4 sturcture, high reliable characterize HDI PCB.

It is UL, SGS, ROHS, ISO9001 certified. Rocket PCB is able to customize HDI PCB based on customers' different needs. For more detailed information on HDI PCB, you may find it at www.rocket-pcb.com/

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Rocket PCB is an innovative manufacturer focusing on electronic manufacturing. Rocket PCB is dedicated to spending 10 years of efforts advancing itself. We develop, produce and sell numerous successful high-quality products, including rigid, rigid-flex, HDI, any layer, Flex, large-size, embedded, RF, LED, backplane, metal substrate, ceramic substrate, IC structure, high-frequency, heavy copper. High quality and high reliability.

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  • Conductive materials and core-to-core bonding

  • Embedded components

  • RF connector attachment

  • Laser direct imaging (LDI)

  • Laser etching

  • Laser forming

  • Multi-level cavity construction

  • Plated cavities and edges

  • Composite/hybrid Structures

  • N+N dual press-fit

  • Dual-drill

  • Bonding on metal core

  • Bulid-up HDI

  • Long-short and staged gold finger

A wide range of professional manufacturing solutions, can be used for thermal energy (CTE) structural coefficients, thermal challenge design and application, extreme and unique HDI structures, and RF control

A wide range of professional manufacturing solutions, can be used for thermal energy (CTE) structural coefficients, thermal challenge design and application, extreme and unique HDI structures, and RF control

A wide range of professional manufacturing solutions, can be used for thermal energy (CTE) structural coefficients, thermal challenge design and application, extreme and unique HDI structures, and RF contro

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  • 3mil line and space

  • 4mil laser defined vias

  • 6mil chip-on-board

  • 6mil mechanically drilled vias

  • Conductive and non-conductive via fill

  • Dual backdrilling

  • Sequential lamination

  • Mixed dielectric

  • Heatsink Bonding

  • Heavy copper/thermal vias

  • Blind/buried vias

  • Stacked and staggerd microvias

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EXTENSIVE ANALYTICAL TESTINGproduct-Rocket PCB-multistage HDI PCB laser electronics-img

  • Design Rules Check(DRC)

  • Electrical Testing

  • Automated Optical Inspection(AOI)

  • X-Ray

  • Plating thickness testing

  • Metalized vias inspection

  • Thermal shock testing

  • Surface peelability testing

  • Impedance control testing

  • 100% visual inspection

  • Solderability testing

  • Ionic cleanliness testing

  • Metallographic microscopic analysis

  • High voltage testing

  • Insulating resistance testing

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  • PTFE

  • High speed/low loss

  • High temperature

  • Low CTE

  • Lead-free, HASL, ENIG, EPENIG, Immersion Silver, Tin, Gold finger

  • Combination surface finished

  • Copper-filled microvias


Due to the circuit board industry manufacturing level is uneven, if accidentally selected to the low-end manufacturing plant, there will be poor engineering data processing, old equipment, management confusion, poor parameter control, improper operation of personnel and other process issues, such as the following quality defects.

video-multistage HDI PCB laser electronics-Rocket PCB-img-1

       Drilling Glue Slag                                Copper Plating Cracking                               Electroplating Hollow                                       Lateral Erosion

application-multistage HDI PCB laser electronics-Rocket PCB-img-1

    Interlayer Dislocation                                    Micro-Short                                            Delamination B.O.                                        Under Etching

application-Rocket PCB-img-1

Open Circuit                                   Soldermask Deviation                                  Ink Residual                                                    Scratch

These problems will greatly increase the ratio of defective circuit boards, resulting in a sharp increase in the number of rework, insufficient delivery quantity, extended delivery and so on unexpected problems. Therefore, choosing a manufacturer that is highly reliable and of good quality is the perfect choice for you, the quality of the customer circuit board will be guaranteed from the source.

However, In Rocket, with advanced production equipment, excellent PCB solutions and complete testing methods, we have specialists working on their particular fields with the thorough mastery of their particular discipline in each of the production facilities. Training, as well as technical exchanges, are held frequently, tackling problems in key technologies and configuring scheme of equipment and allowing professionals to get up to speed on the essential tools that many organizations value today in the manufacturing industry. Thanks to those above, we have greatly improved the strength and won international reputation.

Advanced Product and Advanced Technology

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Product application

application-PCB prototype-pcb fabrication-PCB maker-Rocket PCB-img-1                
Consumer electronics
application-multistage HDI PCB laser electronics-Rocket PCB-img-1                
Automotive electronics
multistage HDI PCB laser electronics-Rocket PCB-img-1                
multistage HDI PCB laser electronics-PCB prototype-pcb fabrication-PCB maker-Rocket PCB-img-1                
multistage HDI PCB laser electronics-pcb fabrication, PCB maker, PCB manufacturer-Rocket PCB-img-1                
Industrial & Instrumentation
multistage HDI PCB laser electronics-Rocket PCB-img-1                
IOT/Smart Home
multistage HDI PCB laser electronics-Rocket PCB-img-1                
Medical electronics
news-Rocket PCB-img-1                
Security Industry

Company Features
1. Rocket PCB Solution Ltd. is the global market leader of pcb assembly .
2. The technical strength of Rocket PCB has been building up with time goes by.
3. The assignment of Rocket PCB Solution Ltd. would be to present competent HDI PCB and specialist services to clients. Inquire online! We always maintain professionalism in every production process pcb hdi . Inquire online! Rocket PCB Solution Ltd. makes every effort to provide the best pcb fabrication for customers. Inquire online!
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