knowroaming aims to stop cell-bill shock

by:Rocket PCB     2019-10-05
Receive a cell that is too high
The telephone bill after the trip has become a modern
Horror stories of the day, international roaming rates are seen as villains by most travelers who want to stay in touch. Toronto-
A product was launched based on Knowroaming, trying to help solve this expensive problem.
The company makes stickers with printed circuit boards;
It is pasted on any phone SIM card and can connect the device-
A national network that provides users with more reasonable rates.
Originally launched as a Kickstarter event, and received $110,000, Knowroaming completed the initial order last year, and then developed the product, negotiating deals with wireless providers in more countries, and officially launched a purchase to anyone this fall.
\"This time last year, after our circle of friends and family was saturated, we needed more objective feedback to expand the data.
So we started our crowdfunding campaign, and our idea is
\"World feedback,\" said Gregory gundfing, CEO of Knowroaming.
\"So in the last 12 months, it\'s actually about solving feedback from these customers, improving the product, expanding the business from the production level, customer support, user experience, prepare for the mass it market.
Gundelfinger said the product was inspired by his experience as a business traveler.
He described landing somewhere, finding the first cheap mobile store he could find, cutting down SIM cards with scissors, hoping to find a reasonable communication deal.
Like most start-up companies, after a better-than-expected Kickstarter campaign, Knowroaming needs everyone to assemble the original product and ship it, Gundelfinger said.
\"I believe other players have had the same experience, and we haven\'t been exposed to boxes for most of the past year,\" he said . \".
\"This is a huge leap.
\"After the customer tags the phone, set up the account using the company\'s app and pre-pay for the call and data plan.
For most countries (
America is not included. S. and U. K. )
Users need to purchase a local number to reach them.
Compared with most home operators, Knowroaming covers more than 200 countries and regions in the world at a cheaper price.
In 55 countries, they offer unlimited data plans for $7. 99 a day.
They also offer cheaper prices for long distance plans around the world.
Now, the company has 28 employees and a product, and while they won\'t say how many people there are, they are attracting customers from all over the world.
\"This is a global product and roaming is universal and it is not unique to Canadians,\" he said . \".
\"So we found the demand from all over the world and it really saw
English speaking countries order from us and we don\'t even translate any of our support documents or websites into Portuguese or Spanish and we see a lot of demand in these countries.
As consumers learn more about roaming charges, some telecoms companies are starting to offer better deals.
Rogers has just announced roaming like home, offering cheaper plans to use in the USS.
Other technology companies have also begun to modify SIM cards.
Apple recently launched a SIM card in the United States. S.
This can be switched between networks, but it only works for iPads and only for data.
While Knowroaming\'s product sounds specific to people on frequent business trips, Gundelfinger says it\'s perfect for carrying-your-own-
It can be easily pasted onto any SIM card.
The company is increasing sales to corporate customers.
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