iranian refugee who couldn\'t speak a word of english when his family fled to australia is now worth $300 million

by:Rocket PCB     2019-12-23
A former refugee who did not speak English when he came to Australia is now worth hundreds of millions of dollars.
According to The Sydney Morning Herald, Aram Mirkazemi\'s personal value reached $0. 3 billion, after shares of his software company Altro soared to a record high.
In the true fairy tale, Mr. milcami succeeded in turning his humble beginnings around.
He fled Iran and arrived in Australia in his 1980 s, unable to speak English.
But instead of making excuses, Mr. milkazimi squatted down to start his work. The hard-
Within six weeks of arriving in the United States, working immigrants completed an engineering course at a university in Hobart.
A few years later, he was hired by alfresco founder Nick Martin to work for the small tech company.
Altro makes design software for circuit boards in various household products such as refrigerators, but not always in the market.
Mr. Mirkazemi left the company in 1999 after it was listed on the stock exchange but returned in 2010, more than 10 years later.
So far, Mr. milcami has succeeded in his own rights.
Altro\'s shares traded below 10 cents in 2011, but have since soared to $32.
After reporting 24 percentage points of revenue growth over the past six months, 56 this week.
As a result, revenue grew by 49 percentage points in China.
Alitalia investor Ben Clarke says China has long been a problem in the industry because of serious piracy.
They seem to have succeeded in bringing companies that illegally use the company\'s software to the paid market.
Mirazimi\'s shareholding is consistent with the transaction price, up more than 119 in the past 12 months.
The company\'s strong performance is expected to achieve its $2020 revenue target of $0. 2 billion.
Altro also announced that it intends to become a market leader in the design software of printed circuit boards by that date.
Currently, the company is valued at more than 20 times its revenue target of 2020.
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