impact of world trade patterns

by:Rocket PCB     2019-11-15
Which of the following is a positive result of the World Trade model?
Primary product producers in many developing countries have lost things such as primary education for children because of low wages and adjustment of living water, and many have been asked to work hard to help families make a living, sometimes TNCs invest in infrastructure in the developing world, which of the following is the positive consequence of the participation of TNCs in developing countries?
Profits flowed from developing countries and returned to developed countries, creating jobs. The environment may be damaged. Which of the following can be outsourced for manufacturing as the second tier?
Wires, screws and plastics used to make components at the top of the assembly, such as printed circuit board storage chips or other sub-components of the circuit board, which of the following statements is a positive consequence of the participation of multinational companies in developing countries?
Some transnational corporations are able to exert direct influence on developing countries by employing government officials participating in important national economic decision-making committees, provide financial contributions to political parties and even multinational corporations, and actively seek the help of developed countries\' governments, to promote or protect their interests in developing countries;
Some multinationals strive to improve conditions for their workers, which is the best definition of globalization?
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