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by:Rocket PCB     2019-11-06
There are a lot of cool tech toys coming up this year and I\'ll start talking about them in July.
Prepare your wish list, children.
At this time of year, toy manufacturers will launch their holiday products.
Not long ago, I only saw a few cool tech toys every season.
This year, there was an explosion in this field.
I will write some more toy stories in a year.
Singing Pictures of beating insects: children know that Netflix\'s beating insects show that colorful bugs Sing the Beatles click-through rate.
With this range of toys launched in August, your child\'s toys can sing along with the show.
Jay, Walter, Kumi (shown here)
, The rest will be aware of when the first season of \"Beat Bugs\" will be on TV and sing along with the song.
If your family doesn\'t have Netflix, these numbers will also sing along with the video on the free download app. (No price yet. )
Jumping singing and cuddling with Violet: jumping learning experts say yes, can a tech toy still be soft and comfortable?
This year, they launched a new version of lavender puppy Violet suitable for small hands.
Tap the moon and the stars on the violet belly and she will yawn and play the ecstasy.
Sing by Rainbow-
Songs about color.
LeapFrog is also making the singing and snuggling version of Violet\'s green friend Scout. (
$10. It will be sold soon. )
Blinking k\' nex blink partner: this smart toy set is a scientific and technical introduction for young hands.
For children between the ages of 3 and 5, it allows them to make interesting little animals with a series of colorful works that blink their eyes.
When children play, they learn sports skills, dexterity and hands.
Eye coordination. ($15; knex. com. )
Flying block DIY drone kit: What\'s better for flying drones? Drone kids can build their own ---
Then crash and rebuild this kit to get kids 14-and-
Make their own custom drone using Legolike pieces.
Each set comes with a pre-
Printed circuit board and remote control.
This is a great gift for future engineers or programmers. ($59. 95; flyblocks. com. )
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