econoon approach aims at savings.

by:Rocket PCB     2019-10-16
The company said that a new lighting technology and product from economy can provide the best LED lighting solutions to meet the world\'s growing energy-saving needs for commercial, industrial, residential and public space lighting.
\"Economy has created breakthrough technologies to improve lighting efficiency.
This new technology enables led to work effectively in unauthorized areas with higher power, which goes far beyond any product from any other company in the world, \"econon chief marketing officer Ir Ooi Seoh
Each bulb is guaranteed at least 30k to 50k hours or five years depending on the power.
Because there is no metal core printed circuit board, the LED bulb of economy runs very cool (MCPCBs)
This accounts for almost 100 of All LED lights on the market today.
On the contrary, its patent
Pending optical and thermal solutions and structural solutions offer several advantages over existing technologies, Lin said.
\"The lighting module of the economy is used in all its finished products to power bulbs of various shapes and powers up to 1,000 watts and above.
The module\'s powerful heat dissipation solution can keep the temperature of the system below 100 degrees Celsius at any wattage, in sharp contrast to the existing technology, which does rely on MCPCB to spread
The LED will actually hinder the thermal expansion capability of the board.
Founded in June 2011, economy is headquartered in Penang, Malaysia.
Research and development in Japan and the United States.
Products produced by some Japanese companies.
Complete assembly in Penang.
The company has several patents pending.
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