Curtis Mathes Color Televisions and Stereo Consoles, The last of the Golden Age 1967 – 1968

by:Rocket PCB     2019-08-28
Curtis Matisse has a proud tradition.After all, it was founded in 1899, many years earlier than most of its competitors.In this year, CM has many exclusive \"first\" that are commendable \".These achievements were gradually recognized and sales increased tenfold by 1967.
This is a way to say sales have grown by more than 1,000%.In all these years, there has been no more remarkable achievement than the modular building of Curtis matters in 1967.Many people today ask, \"What is this ?\"\\ \"Is not a printed circuit board that can be removed, nor is it a pug in a transistor.
In short, the exclusive CM module is an overall color TV system.The whole TV set is in strong steel.It was inserted into a huge variety of incredible cute cabinets nylon runner-up.More Curtis Huan modules...By choosing from five CM modules, from the gorgeous basic color TV to the two-star module, to the incredible luxury of the six-star module, customers can customize their dreams as early as 1967.
Select the cabinet and then their electronics.Obviously, a steel cabinet is firmly fixed in a gorgeous furniture cabinet, which is more expensive than the old-fashioned buildings used by all valuable competitors in 1967.But the economy is more expensive than manufacturing.
Have you ever heard of any color TV sets that never needed a service phone?CM module for general service.Why check only part of the set?Beautiful and heavy cabinets never need to leave the customer\'s home and suffer bruises and bumps from outrageous service trucks.Knowing that the picture tube and all the hundreds of exquisite electronic parts are surrounded by steel on all sides is a comfort of peace of mind and certainty.
But if you can reflect, can customers in 1967 be assured that the \"state-of-the-art\" has reached its peak, or, let\'s say, is it a high point?Clearly, the Times will continue to change...And the remarkable achievements of Curtis mises...In the end, there will be scientific breakthroughs of such scale, and even attract CM owners.
As early as 1967, for example, people began to talk about the possibilities of holographic photography and 3D television.Realizing that with the modular programming of Curtis matters, you will be able to keep your cherished pass-on heir cabinet and plug it into the future Module TV, this is an amazing thing!In 1967 Curtis Mathes it makes most of its own components, cabinets, speakers, Transformers, coils, chassis, fliesBack, board, mask, etc.There are several reasons for doing so.First of all, it gives more control over the overall quality of the finished product, as all these parts are built to complement each other.
...It\'s not just the assembly that bought the no-zone.This guarantees a perfect match for the customer.Secondly, by manufacturing all of these components, Curtis matters saved about 30% of the cost without paying the manufacturer\'s profits.
This principle was even implemented in the construction and printing of their own shipping cartons.Most of Curtis Mathes\'s competitors purchased almost all of these parts in 1967, either from an external manufacturer or a wholly owned manufacturing company, both of which must be profitable, thusCurtis Mathes delivers these savings to their customers, bringing them better value, and the rest for stricter and broader quality control....Guarantee the most reliable home entertainment equipment in the United States.
Curtis matters Inc.
In 1967, Curtis matters built most of his own components.By making all their components, Curtis matters saved about 30% of the cost without paying the manufacturer\'s profits.This enables Curtis Mathes to provide better value to customers.
..More stringent and extensive quality control...Guarantee customers the most reliable home entertainment equipment in the United States.Curtis Mathes did have the last sentence in 1967, which is for good reason.
Its color TV case assembly was made by Curtis matters of Puerto Rico.The company has a significant advantage: it is the only duty-free color factory in the world.This means they can give customers more at a lower price.
They didn\'t advertise one or two features and didn\'t state that they would make all the other features obsolete, they didn\'t accept a feature automatic tone control and didn\'t display commercial ads on faces with flesh toneThey didn\'t say that putting all kinds of functions together would constitute anything close to a fully automatic TV.In 1967, the owner of Curtis matters expected the best.Of course, they have all the satisfying features.
But most importantly, they have them in almost all price ranges, not just at the top of the price range.Curtis Mathes was less expensive in 1967 because of the low cost of their factory site selection.Curtis Mises\'s factory is located in the expensive metropolitan area.
Because Curtis Mathes paid the highest salary in their market, labor costs are better...Give them access to the best people...Therefore, we have more dedicated and serious employees
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