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by:Rocket PCB     2019-10-31
Pressac\'s pre-tax profit for making printed circuit boards for car dashboards is £ 2.
As of the end of July, this year, 21 pounds, 13 percentage points higher than 1 pound. 95m in 1992/93.
Turnover rose to £ 37.
9 m, up from 33 last year.
All dividends throughout the year 2. 83p, up from 2. 57p.
Pressac also purchased McGavigans who made dashboard graphics for £ 9. 53m.
The deal was funded by one person. for-
Twice a share of 85 p.
The company\'s chief executive, Geoffrey White, said the acquisition was in line with the auto industry\'s desire to reduce supplier base.
Third, Flying Flowers, flying flowers from Jersey to British customers
Quarterly profit was 267,000, up 222 from the same period last year. Third-
The quarterly turnover of GBP 3 increased by 297 over last year.
The company was listed on August 1993 at 65 p per share.
Shares rose 2 p to 77 p.
National Leisure Holdings lost 1 pound.
The six-month pre-tax profit as at July 23 was £ 5, compared with a profit of £ 117,000 for the same period last year.
Loss per Share 4. 97p.
The interim dividend is now maintained at 1. 41p.
McInerney performance loss infrared three catties 465,000 (Ir pounds 1. 77m)
First half of 1994.
No temporary dividend was paid.
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