Circuit board stick dry film common problems and solving methods

by:Rocket PCB     2020-05-27
With the continuous development of electronic industry, the product of the escalating, in order to save the space of PCB board, many PCB board in the design of the line has been very small, wet film cannot have satisfied before the transfer of graphics technology now, now generally string cable to production with dry film, so what's the problem? We are in the process of lamination, Rocket PCB factory below small make up to introduce. PCB circuit boards stick dry film common problems and solving methods between summary 01 dry film and copper foil surface bubbles bad problems: choose flat copper foil, is the key to ensure no bubble. Solution: increase the PCB lamination pressure, sheet transfer to should take put down gently. Bad problem: hot pressing roller surface uneven, have pits and film drilling sewage. Solution: regular inspection and protection of hot pressing roller surface is flat and level. Malnutrition: PCB circuit board lamination temperature is too high, lead to partial contact materials caused by temperature difference wrinkled skin. Solution: reduce the PCB circuit board lamination temperature. 02 / circuit boards PCB PCB dry membrane wrinkling bad problem: dry film adhesion, carefully put the plate in the process of operation. The solution: once appear, touch should be handled in a timely manner. Bad problem: PCB lamination board before overheating. The solution: PCB board preheat temperature is unfavorable and exorbitant. 03 dry film on the copper foil on rickety bad question: in the treatment of the copper foil surface is not reasonable cleaning, begin operation can leave oil or oxide layer directly. Solution: gloves should be worn to wash the plate. Bad problem: dry film solvent below-standard quality or has expired. Solution: choose the high quality dry film and circuit board manufacturers should regularly check the dry film shelf life. Bad problem: transmission speed, PCB circuit board lamination temperature is low. Solution: change the PCB circuit board film speed and PCB circuit board lamination temperature. Bad problem: processing environment humidity is too high, lead to prolonged dry film bonding. The solution: keep production environment relative humidity of 50%. Poor quality of bad problems for more than 4: dry film. Solution: replace the dry film. Bad problem: exposure time is too long. The solution: to have an understanding of materials used for reasonable exposure time. Bad problem: developer failure. Solution: change the developer. Rocket PCB circuit board manufacturers, is a focus on multilayer circuit board production, high impedance PCB, thick copper plate, HDI board, blind buried via PCB, FPC soft plate, PCB circuit board proofing and small batch production.
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