Circuit board shelf life and storage conditions

by:Rocket PCB     2020-06-10
Considering the difference of PCB products process and preservation conditions, printed circuit board once opened immediately ( Recommend within 24 hours) Before use, and it is recommended to use dry processing, especially the PI in the flexible circuit board base material plate, if you need patch welding, is certain to dry processing. Circuit board to save time for chemical immersion tin or silver leaching product advice within 12 hours after unpacking are used up, or to be repackaged. Such as more than effective retention time, the user can be carried out after the dry processing trial: certain performance to performance experiment was carried out when necessary, after inspection qualified can still use. Usually PCB save time more than 3 months before the computer patch to avoid the hidden trouble of existence be affected with damp be affected with damp, need to 2 hours of 150 c. Circuit board shelf life and storage conditions: A, good storage conditions: refers to the temperature is less than 25 degrees, relative humidity is not more than 65%, there are indoor environment condition of temperature control, no corrosive gas. B, general storage condition: refers to the temperature is not higher than 35 degrees, relative humidity is not more than 75%, no corrosive gas indoor environmental conditions. Circuit board vacuum packing
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