Circuit board proofing industry has hung by a thread

by:Rocket PCB     2020-06-01
In recent years, low-cost circuit board proofing has been our hot topic. On whether to reduce the price to attract customers all mixed reviews. We only on the surface, low price of the circuit board proofing maybe is not big to the harm of the company, perhaps even win more buyers, relying on powerful user base to different services for different customers. This method is only applicable to the large and medium-sized enterprises. But for a small circuit board manufacturers, lower market prices will continue to press their gross profit, but also will cause the 'bad money after bad money' adverse phenomenon, more public opinion in the industry say could trigger industry. For this different expert gives a different view. Some industry experts negative views about this opinion. He thinks industry overhaul is alarmist, there is currently no person with ability and power to set the rules again. Big to say but just to be popular in the low-end market, overall is no effect. If you want to gain a foothold in the industry, in fact, the main factors are not derived from rivals, the key is to know yourself. Actually not only is he think so. Another unnamed authority also insist that the industry is impossible to redefine the rules. Circuit board proofing market belongs to traditional industry, the threshold is not high. You use low price strategy to cut small circuit board manufacturers of living space, Beijing will still have other new businesses are poured into. So the circuit board proofing industry will continue to exist and are indispensable. Small make up think flaunting the banner of low prices to attract customers the final result must be not good for each other. Gain and vicious competition, we should make objective to face this kind of problem. Don't dwell on the compression cost profit! You have to do now is actively response to the call of our country's current policy, go to great lengths to independent innovation, go all out to expand thinking, striving to improve their personal value. To the independent innovation ability fight for market share, to the technology level retaining corporate clients. Some industry experts also pointed out that PCB circuit board proofing: industry competition will drive the market reasonable development properly. The current low circuit board proofing, however, the market of cigar smoke. If you want to return to the previous appearance must invest more time and energy. Suggest that producers can reduce costs - through> Optimal management -> The internal pressure, can appropriately reduce the surcharge, conditional word can discharge the extra cost, let the customer enjoy playing real discount. This way of deceptive price cut will only destroy the trust of the customer to the enterprise, so better or pragmatic. If the enterprise lack of profit space, the quality of the product is certainly will exist problems, after all, have profit to survive. Many security incident broke out the key reason is that the product quality not up to standard. Thankfully the market has been gradually standardized, take the quality as the core will continue to be the core concept of the enterprise. In the long run the PCB industry, outlook is still good. To be sure, only do processing business is difficult to place in the industry. For some large manufacturers has now begun its professional design software, proofing to circuit board design and related product research and development. Business visibility can be cheap to ascend, for large PCB manufacturers, most is the most main is for the entrance, with an endless stream of orders, suggest it back into the enterprise service reasonably, enterprise can with the perfect after-sales service to fill the loss of circuit board proofing. But for a small circuit board manufacturers, through the low price to keep order, ensure the quality, on time delivery will not be able to. There are a variety of products, this is inevitable. This kind of situation will largely affect the business reputation. Although the price is still the key factor for customers choose goods, but as the circuit board industry standard gradually standardized, it is unable to retain old customers by low price. Product quality is the foundation of enterprise survival, customers choose the company. Large circuit board manufacturers will compete for the entrance, inevitably way to retain customers at a low price. But for a small circuit board manufacturers, only relies on product quality and technical level to impress corporate customers, to improve enterprise's market share. More than a purely personal view, have any questions please leave a message below comments, welcome to discuss together.
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