Circuit board factory: heavy gold and gold-plated technology silly points not clear

by:Rocket PCB     2020-06-16
1, the heavy gold circuit board the golden color, more yellow than gold plated look better; 2, zedoary circuit board more dense than gilded crystal structure, not easy oxidation; Only 3, zedoary PCB welding plate nickel and gold, will not produce gold cause micro short; Only 4, zedoary PCB welding plate nickel, gold, circuit resistance welding and copper layer combining with stronger; 5, heavy metal than gold plated soft, so on the abrasion resistance is better than gold plated, plate for gold finger plating effect will be better. 6, heavy gold PCB only nickel gold bonding pad, skin effect in the signal transmission in copper layer will not affect signal; 7, heavy gold and gold-plated formation of crystal structure, heavy gold PCB more easily than gilded plate welding, won't cause bad welding; Circuit board factory: heavy gold and gold-plated technology silly points not clear
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