Circuit board factory customer complaint handling process and matters needing attention

by:Rocket PCB     2020-08-11
A summary of supplier management in recently, intermittent, circuit board factory in manufacturing process of quality management, thinking process and the corresponding attachment today. On the one hand to the precipitation and systematic quality management knowledge, on the other hand hope sprang out, through the mutual discussion to share, to make the quality of us more clear direction, theory is more practical. Under the cut short, get into the business. General electronic industry customer complaint process are the same. Guest complaints, Complain) - business/qa to qa put on record, investigation receipt guests to effect tracking, standardized process seems very simple. The real processing let customer satisfaction, to improve good circuit board factory, is need we place big time! Because a perfect aftersale processing should have the following ( Personal view) First, the guest was pleased with the we provide report to accept; Second, find out the real cause, factory real improvement; Finally, the implementation of preventive measures, standardized operation, experience the natural transition. For the client complaints, is E - Mail, can be a fax, can be a phone, and so on. As long as they formally put forward problem, then as a circuit board manufacturers we must accept. Generally there are complaints directly to the guest will complain to the sales department of quality department. Sales department after received customer complaints, to quality department will organize related content. So now the focus of the start, in the quality department received quality content, after confirmation of customer complaint information is customer complaint handling process inside one of the most important project. Mood say that because if customer complaint problem points are not clear, behind all the investigation and analysis of the countermeasures is useless. Based on past experience, according to the customer complaints problems point the quality department should do the following items to confirm: 1. Bad model and material number; 2. Unhealthy phenomenon and the defective rate; 3. The date of bad happened LOTNO and bad material. Or S/N4 interchange, poor physical or bad images; 4, the guests' willingness to tackle this bad and bad product in the guest, Including inventory, in transit goods, finished product, etc. ) 。 PCB PCB/PCB proofing for the guest's information collection after began to initiate an investigation. Survey of the first things, according to the customer for bad photo or bad physical, perform causal analysis of quality, in situations where it is necessary for a meeting of customer complaint. Meeting can use brainstorming, 5 according to analysis, QC seven tools such as auxiliary analysis, by the direct reason for find the root cause, and corrective and preventive measures. For the implementation of the measures specified head made within the prescribed time, by the quality department to confirm. Especially the proposed preventive measures, must time, personal, and quantitative. When the so-called timing, production production must be clear. A person, who is going to produce, who to guide, who will confirm clear effect. Quantitative, their number, is that D/C should be recorded. In the customer complaint meeting to find out the true cause, and corrective and preventive measures are determined. The quality department will start to write the report aftersale. Report forms can be 8 d report aftersale is also can be other forms. Just grab reasons, countermeasures that can be effectively, the report at tight logic, there is no doubt that allow for a contradiction, can let a person is not the industry can be easily understood report to express meaning. Especially illustrated, reproduce simulation experiment and field effect can confirm the additional report more persuasive. Customer complaint report written by a business to the customer and phone or E - Mail contact customers, the question to explain to customers if it is necessary to report the modified give guest confirmation. Countermeasures for the customer complaint meeting, for in road materials, wip, inventory and deal with the guest to product; Proofing for PCB factory need to improve the equipment immediately, personnel, PCB factory proofing, methods, etc. ; Countermeasures for long after the implementation of product reliability and validation of mass production, etc. Quality department need to send the entire track and record kept as customer complaint report to improve CV. And tested according to the actual situation of relevant people, machine, material, material, ring, measurements for standardization, and as a part of daily monitoring. Finally corresponding to the customer's note: 1. Timeliness. To contact the customer immediately after receive the customer complaint and give a preliminary reason within 4 h and temporary countermeasure, in 8 h provides the middle report, within 48 h gives the final customer complaint report. 2. Don't write the report to report. The guest's complaints, we need to seriously reply will not become a mere formality. So in circuit board factory and customer is not good, may repeat the same problem. 3. It is not quality department department of a customer complaint. Don't fall behind, the causes and countermeasures of customer complaint report write circuit board factory in other departments do not recognise, does not perform. Be good at using the resources of other departments, to deal with together. 4. Not a dispute with the customer. Because of different views, it is easy to dispute and guests. When communicate with the customer enthusiasm and sincere attitude, let the customer feel we are positive deal with the problem and need customer support, we are stand in a line and the customer.
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