Choose the high frequency circuit boards which need to be paid attention to

by:Rocket PCB     2020-05-31
Known as high speed network data the rapid advance of the product, make a series of peripheral products and the corresponding data and efficient processing got deep development, while in the link of reliable high-frequency PCB assume an important role. And want to achieve a new set of technical standards and corresponding technical requirements, also need reasonable select quality assured high frequency circuit materials. 1. Pay attention to the life of the plate and the processing conditions of any line must be installed on the board that reliable, through reasonable design and selection of plate, can let the subsequent functions implemented, so the user in the implementation of high frequency circuit board when choosing, need to pay attention to the quality of this plank itself and the related to the materials. Ensure the high quality material with plenty of space for processing production, the sheet to be able to more adequate space to realize the complex high frequency circuit board processing. 10 layers of HDI PCB ( PCB circuit boards) 2. Note between transmission line width, and the corresponding anti-interference ability in the circuit board design and related technical application of the process, the resistance of the transmission line and a series of power is the focus of attention, only to ensure the high frequency circuit board of economic material benefit related transmission line width up to the standard, than its corresponding resistance matching design more in line with the public interest principle of instrument design, can only be in the process of production of the high frequency circuit board is the actual quality. So when choosing the high frequency circuit board of economic material benefit customers, you need to focus on the occurrences, anti-interference relationship between high-speed transfer guarantee better effect and the line between the ability to work independently. In short users in the understanding of high frequency circuit board which higher ratio of a series of problems is to focus on the details of the factors, more important, and the corresponding digital transmission effect also comes from its ability to rf send itself and the specific quality, so that the user needs to ensure the quality of itself to follow the strict regulatory standards, to ensure the product quality of each product is higher, was able to pick out the reliable quality of the high frequency circuit board equipment.
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