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by:Rocket PCB     2019-12-11
The children\'s easel is the perfect answer to the growing class size and is also the best surface for your students to learn.
Regardless of the age group, students working on children\'s easel are more likely to invest and be enthusiastic about their work.
The children\'s easel creates a greater learning atmosphere and focused creativity.
By standing up, the child\'s work space is naturally larger, and their space may even overlap in the classroom, which encourages them to see each other\'s works of art and inspire each other.
The children\'s easel is not a new concept, it has become more and more popular in the past 20 years.
These children\'s easel and creation stations originated in the hope that children will be more involved in the paintings and projects they are creating on their children\'s easel.
The main reason is that creating art from a standing position allows your entire body to participate in the process.
Children\'s easel is perfect for energetic children.
Not only does it allow them to paint more crazily, but the fact that their paintings are right in front of them helps them reduce distraction.
Contrast this to the degree of distraction on the art table, where a child is more likely to star and joke with a friend next to them and across the street.
Another reason for the introduction of the children\'s easel is that a child can leave more easily and return to the work in progress.
An art teacher feels that a child is stuck and can instruct them to continue to do something completely different with the intention of getting the child back to their job at a later date.
They will be able to get out of the potentially frustrating or stagnant creative process and focus on other things while looking at their artwork from different backgrounds, angles and distances.
Taking a step back from your work, or even completely leaving the process for a period of time, will take the creativity and talent of the artists further.
Compared to the art table in the classroom, art educators have different views on the children\'s easel.
All in all, they agree that the most important thing is to let the children reach their full potential and help them find the potential of the artist.
One of the concerns about children\'s easel
The organization and classroom structure is a large art table for the class.
Some educators may think that a class full of easels can be too chaotic and chaos can cause the children to lose their attention.
The opposite is true, however.
For example, children\'s easels are placed in an organized way, placing them all in a circle, allowing teachers to walk all the way through the classroom, guiding and encouraging a student.
It also allows students to visit their class assignments.
Whether or not they focus on still life, this is a very effective class structure for children\'s easel.
There are many other ways to set up classrooms, rows, squares, and even clusters.
Not all children\'s easels are one-sided.
Some are double-sided and some are even four-sided, providing space for more classrooms.
Another misconception about the children\'s easel is that it is too much work to clean, fold the easel and throw them away after class.
If you are using a children\'s easel that needs to be folded up and stored every day, try assigning students their own children easel and giving them some responsibility, just like a table in the classroom, or like their textbook.
Inspections were carried out at the beginning and end of the year, and some penalties were imposed on abusive easements.
When selecting a children\'s easel, make sure to view all the different types of easels.
They are not all the same.
Some are small to fold, very portable, some have wheels and are more mobile, and many children\'s easels can even accommodate several children at the same time, including: two-sided, four-sided, and even six-station Children\'s easel.
I am sure that you will find what suits your needs best.
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