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by:Rocket PCB     2020-03-28
Chengdu SMT SMT SMT processing model of chengdu in chengdu quotation price shall provide 1, BOM list ( Must be provided) , detailed and accurate BOM list, if there is any change must be specified on the BOM. 2, the PCB Gerber file ( Must be provided) , if you want to open a puzzle stencil, please provide the puzzle file, components, figure, coordinate file. PCB file: if the file, a number of coordinates, customer has not been able to export Gerber file, could also provide PCB file. 3, provide sample: production reference use, conditional offers. 4, issue a stencil to accept foreign steel mesh ( 37 cm * 47 cm) size should not be less than: 。 ( 1) Issue a stencil fee is 100 yuan, need to open the puzzle stencil, please provide the puzzle file, fee according to the different points shall be the price. ( 2) Stencil the default size is 37 cm * 47 cm, other dimensions are subject to quotation. ( 3) If you want to send the stencil must be in the order confirmation, there is no special statement as does not need to return the stencil. ( 4) Customer stencil keep only 3 months, after 3 months we dispose. 5, material requirements ( 1) Customer should bring along their own materials, materials for easy loss ( Sample: resistance capacity to provide more more than 15 samples, batch will need to provide 1% spare parts. ) To provide a small amount of spare parts. ( 2) As a small amount of material not neat, temporarily without welding, please list details. ( 3) Have special requirements, matters needing attention, please. ( 4) Send components or template doesn't accept to pay. 6, generation of purchasing resistance capacity, need to provide a complete model ( Encapsulation, accuracy, voltage, etc. ) Resistance capacity, provided for South Korea's samsung and Taiwan well-known brands ( Customers to specify the brand, must be special statement) 。 Chengdu boilerplate SMT SMT template components of quotation: 1 - 50 material or solder joints, no BGA, QFN, ARM, precision components such as 1 - 10 PCS price: 1000 yuan up batch SMT processing: conventional solder and capacitance resistance: 0805 - 0603, price: 0. 012 - 0. 015 yuan/solder joints. Precision components are not together. Dip plug-in wave soldering: conventional hole plug-in solder joints: price: 0. 04 - 0. 6 yuan/solder joints, according to the size of the hole are not together. Dip plug-in manual welding: conventional hole plug-in solder joints: price: 0. 06 - 0. 12 yuan/solder joints, the prices are different according to the components together. SMT template valuation is calculated according to electronic materials, general: engineering, boot, a special process, charge, etc. SMT template regions, according to the SMT equipment, factory rent, artificial wage is different, the price is different also. The above content by shenzhen SMT proofing/bulk manufacturer: Rocket PCB Solution Ltd, to provide the reference. Rocket PCB Solution Ltd to provide you with professional, SMT SMT, SMT processing, patch welding processing, SMT processing sample patch, patch, SMT PCBA SMT processing, SMT factory, SMT processing factory!
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