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Celestica Inc.
Established in September 27, 1996, it is a provider of supply chain solutions.
The company operates electronic manufacturing services.
The company provides a series of services such as design and development, engineering services, supply chain management, new product introduction, parts procurement, electronic manufacturing, assembly testing, and complex mechanical assembly, system integration, precision processing, order fulfillment, logistics and after-sales service
Market repair and return services.
The company\'s products and services are a series of application services including servers;
Network and telecom equipment;
Storage System;
Optical equipment;
Aerospace and Defense Electronics;
Health care products and applications;
Semiconductor equipment, as well as a range of industrial and alternative energy products.
Joint design and manufacturing of design and engineering services (JDM)
Services participate in working with customers to develop design solutions and manage all aspects of supply chain and manufacturing.
The company is committed to providing partially customized JDM products and complete hardware platform solutions to customers in the storage, server, communications and industrial markets.
Prototyping and new product introduction prototyping is early-
The phased process of new product development.
Its engineers work with the customer\'s engineers to provide responses in the early stages of the product development lifecycle.
Supply chain management and service companies use enterprise resource planning and supply chain management systems to optimize material management from suppliers to customer customers.
Through its global supply chain management processes and integrated information technology (IT)
Tool, which provides customers with visibility to balance global demand and supply demand, including inventory and order management.
Printed circuit board assembly company (PCB)
Components include the connection of electronic components such as capacitors, microprocessor, resistors and storage modules to printed circuit boards.
The company\'s solutions include manufacturing, PCB layout, packaging, assembly, lead design
Free welding, test development and data analysis.
The complex machinery assembly company provides system integration and precision machining components for its semiconductor capital equipment customers.
The company\'s complex mechanical system integration consists of multiple interrelated subsystems that interact with a variety of materials such as fluids, solids, particles and rigid objects.
The company uses computers for precision processing
A controlled machine that manufactures components according to strict tolerance requirements.
Its components are used for the application of complex mechanical assembly.
Renewable Energy Services provides services to customers in the renewable energy market, including power generation, power conversion and power electronics.
It designs, manufactures and tests solar panels for residential, commercial and utility-scale markets.
The company provides design services, manufacturing and testing for power inverters, metering and control electronics, photovoltaic and energy storage subsystems.
It also provides testing, analysis and solar product certification services to customers in the renewable energy market.
System assembly and testing companies use technology in the assembly and testing of products.
Its system assembly and testing requires logistics solutions to purchase components, assemble products, perform complex tests and distribute products to customers around the world.
Quality and product assurance companies provide product reliability testing, inspection and identification solutions to support the customer\'s entire product lifecycle requirements.
Its quality and product assurance team performs product life testing to ensure that the design meets or exceeds the required specifications.
This service allows customers to assess certification risks early in the product development lifecycle.
After fault analysis and failure
The failure analysis solution of the market service company focuses on identifying the root cause of the product failure and identifying corrective actions. Its after-
Market services include repair, fulfillment, reverse logistics, recovery and return processing and prevention.
The company\'s implementation services include the design and management of integrated supply chain and material management for light manufacturing and assembly.
The Company\'s reverse logistics services include the design and management of transportation networks, warehousing and distribution of products, asset recovery services, and Event Monitoring of transportation and supply chains.
Its return handling and prevention services provide customers with product screening and testing as well as product design and process analysis.
The company provides these services separately or integrates them through the control tower model.
The company competes with Benchmark Electronics. , Flex Ltd.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. , Ltd. , Ltd.
JETP Circuit Co. , Ltd. , Plexus Corp.
And Samina.
5140 Yonge St suite in M2N 6L7P: 1900 North York 1416. 4482211F: 1416.
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