apple to track suppliers\' sourcing of conflict minerals

by:Rocket PCB     2019-10-22
The tech giant said in its latest supplier responsibility progress report released on Thursday that Apple is conducting more audits of its suppliers to ensure they comply with labor standards, produce materials morally and
The company said that as of last month, it had confirmed that all smelters producing metal ta for capacitors and resistors in its supply chain were purchased in \"conflict-
Metal mining is not used in the \"free\" area of \"financing or facilitating armed groups related to human rights violations.
\"Apple is also working on the ethical search for tin, gold and copper, but says that because it uses a lot less of these materials, it has less influence in putting pressure on suppliers.
The company says it will publicly track the progress of its suppliers as a \"conflict-
\"Free\", a quarterly listing showing where they operate and whether they verified the source of the minerals.
\"Ethical sourcing of minerals is an important part of our mission to ensure safe and fair working conditions,\" Apple said in the report . \".
\"In order to increase the accountability of smelters and to help stakeholders track our progress, we have for the first time released the list of smelters and refineries in the supply chain and their verification.
\"The SEC\'s request for disclosure of mineralsalsapple is not entirely on its own initiative.
Ta, tin, gold and tunstagen are called conflict minerals, according to Dodd-
The Frank Act passed in the United StatesS.
On 2012, companies registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission using these materials must determine whether they originated from conflict areas, namely Congo (Jin)DRCu200b)
And neighboring countries.
Each company must submit its first report to the SEC before May ends.
Apple\'s list of suppliers released on Thursday showed that Apple\'s 59 smelters \"complied\" with the conflict-stipulated agreement.
Most of the major technology companies have signed free sourcing plans and 23 are \"participating\" in the group\'s conflict --
Free smelting project
Apple has not promised to withdraw from conflict areas and mine valuable minerals in conflict areas that are often immoral and violent.
\"Instead of completely avoiding minerals from drcandneigbour countries, we support proven supply lines and economic development in the region,\" the company said . \".
Underage labor under 40
The Page report covers a variety of labor and environmental practices and is the product of a 451 audit of supplier facilities in 2013 --
Significantly exceeded the 298 audits conducted in 2012.
In the past, Apple has strongly criticized the disconnect between itself and Apple.
As a company with high quality and design standards \"different\", as well as the promotion of the harsh working conditions faced by factory workers who produce Apple products.
Foxconn\'s factory in China is the theme of several high-end companies.
The reporter revealed an overview of human rights violations.
The company began auditing suppliers in 16 countries in 2006.
Apple tracked 2014 of the report on labor rights.
5 million workers in the supply chain, 95 of their suppliers comply with the standard that workers cannot work more than a60
Work an hour a week, must take a day off every day and cannot be forced to work overtime. The company did identify some facilities that use child labor under the age of 15, the minimum working age set out in the Apple supplier code of conduct.
\"Eight facilities for underage workers were found, with a total of 11 active cases and 12 historical cases,\" Apple said . \".
The company focused some monitoring efforts on the use of migrant workers and forced labor, and conducted 33 investigations and strikes on suppliers who charged excessive recruitment fees.
Apple said it ordered 14 suppliers to pay back $3 due to the findings.
The cost of foreign contract workers is $9 million. Another $2.
The company said that 1 million of the wages were paid back to the workers whose wages were illegally deducted or owed by the employer.
Focusing on water and environmental governance, the report identified 17 \"core violations\" of Apple\'s supplier code of conduct \"--
It includes 11 facilities for the discharge of wastewater without treatment, 3 facilities for the discharge of wastewater without treatment and 1 facility for the use of prohibited chemicals.
In 2013, most of Apple\'s environmental efforts focused on controlling water pollution and consumption caused by its activities.
The company said it used Chinese water pollution data compiled by the Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs to identify 58 Chinese suppliers who violated environmental laws.
A total of 14 violations were found.
The company has also launched a pilot project to track water and wastewater treatment for 13 water
Intensive sites that consume more than 41 million cubic meters of water per year.
\"Our goal is to be a supplier of parts for products that produce a lot of water,\" the report said . \".
Including suppliers of printed circuit boards (PCBs)
Supplier of packaging, printing and some circuit boards.
\"The company said last year it imposed clearer guidelines on environmental violations that Apple would not tolerate and sanctions on such violations.
\"These include the use of prohibited or controlled chemicals that exceed the allowable limits;
Discharge untreated waste water into rainwater pipes or the surrounding environment;
Discharge of hazardous air pollutants without treatment or exceeding restrictions;
And disposal of harmful wasteat non
Regulatory facilities.
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