apple to produce line of macs in the u.s. next year

by:Rocket PCB     2019-08-16
Apple CEO Tim Cook said the company will produce a range of existing Mac computers in the United States next year.
Cook made these comments in an interview recorded by NBC\'s \"Rock Center\", but aired on \"Today\" on Thursday morning and posted on the network\'s website.
In another interview with Bloomberg Businessweek, he said the company will spend $100 million in 2013 to transfer production lines to the United States. S. from China.
\"That doesn\'t mean Apple will do it by itself, but we will work with people and we will invest,\" Cook told Bloomberg . \".
Call Apple.
Comments before business hours on Thursday did not respond immediately.
Like most consumer electronics companies, Apple has reached an agreement with contract manufacturers to assemble products overseas.
However, assembly accounts for a fraction of the cost of making a PC or smartphone.
Most of the cost is to buy chips, many of which are made in the United States. S.
Cook pointed out in an interview with NBC.
This year, the company and its manufacturing partner, Foxconn Technology Group, faced major criticism for working conditions at the factory where Apple products were assembled in China.
The concern prompted Foxconn to raise wages.
Cook did not say which line of computers would be produced in the United States. S.
Or in which country they will make it.
But he told Bloomberg that the production would be more than just final assembly.
This shows that the United States may carry out Shell processing and board printingS.
The simplest Macs to assemble are Mac Pro and Mac Mini desktop computers.
Because they don\'t have it built in.
On the screens of MacBooks and iMacs, they may be easier to separate from the Asian display supply chain.
America anywayS.
It is expected that the production line is only a small part of Apple\'s overall production, and iphone and ipad sales are now more than their computers.
In an interview with NBC, Cook said that companies like Apple chose to produce their products in places like China, not because the cost is low, but because in the United States, the required manufacturing skills do not existS. anymore.
He added that there has never been a real mass production in the consumer electronics sector in the US. S.
So it\'s actually more about starting production in the US. S.
Not bring it back, he said.
But Apple has produced computers in the United States for nearly three decades. S.
It started outsourcing production in the medium term.
After 90 s, first sell some factories to contract manufacturers and then hire manufacturers overseas.
Until 2004, it assembled iMacs in Elk Grove, California.
The news came a day after Apple reported its worst share price drop in four years, with a market capitalization of $35 million.
Apple shares rose $7. 76, or 1.
4% to $546.
55 early Thursday.
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