apple tipped to ‘re-release’ iphone 8 in 2020 with small 4.7-inch screen and speed boost

by:Rocket PCB     2019-12-24
Apple may launch a new version of 4. 7-
IPhone 8 early next year.
Smartphones will update internal components and may help Apple take over the \"mid-market\", sources said\"
Smartphone market.
Although the device looks very similar to the old iPhone 8, the new version is expected to be upgraded several times.
These include a new printed circuit board design, a single
The rear camera of the lens, the A13 processor and the basic storage space of 128 GB.
According to Taiwan sources quoted by the Economic Daily
According to the Fubon Securities Investment Trust, the revised version of the iPhone 8 will be launched in March 2020.
EDN predicts the price of the phone will be around $649. £499).
This will make
The IPhone 8 is one of the cheapest iPhones to help Apple compete with Oppo and Vivo.
These Chinese competitors are strong competitors in the medium term.
First-Line mobile phone market.
The latest iPhone on the market is the iPhone XS, starting at 999.
The phone, along with XS Max and XR devices, dominates Apple\'s current market, but the company still produces the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, which were originally launched in 2017, in addition to the cheaper iPhone 7 series, it is a low-cost alternative.
The current iPhone 8 64gb option starts at £ 599.
Apple recently launched a new \"secret lab\" designed to create the future of iphone recycling.
Technology has recently launched the brand newiPad mini 5, which has upgraded chips and the most pixel
Dense screen for any iPad.
In addition to the new version of the iPhone 8, Apple also released a super
In 2020, the iphone 12 launched a fast 5g.
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