anger over gang-rape verdict in northern spain

by:Rocket PCB     2019-11-05
Spain: tens of thousands marched in northern Spain for the third day in a row to protest the acquittal of five men on gang rape charges.
Local police in Pamplona estimate the size of the population at 35,000. An 18-year-
The old woman was attacked during the famous bull in the city.
Running Festival in 2016
The members of the five men named their WhatsApp group \"bag\" and were convicted of sexual abuse on Friday, with each man sentenced to nine years\' imprisonment.
Lawyers say the victims are appealing.
The court\'s ruling also prompted thousands of women to share their experiences of abuse under the label cuentalo on Twitter, which was told in Spanish.
The Spanish government has announced plans to discuss possible legal reforms.
Taiwan: A fire broke out at a factory in northern Taiwan, killing at least seven people, including five firefighters and two migrant workers.
The government\'s disaster management office said seven firefighters were also seriously injured in the accident.
A fire broke out in Taoyuan jinpoon Industrial Co. , Ltd.
The company mainly produces rigid printed circuit boards.
Saudi Arabia: US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo arrived in Saudi Arabia and rushed to arrange a visit to the Middle East as the US aims to secure support for new sanctions against Iran.
The visit to Riyadh came just two days after Pompeii was sworn in, at which time Jerusalem and Amman, US President Donald Trump will decide whether to withdraw from the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran, which is still backed by European powers.
\"We urge countries around the world to sanction any individuals and entities associated with Iran\'s missile program, which is also an important part of the discussion with Europeans,\" said Brian Hook, A senior policy adviser accompanying Pompeii told reporters.
The 2015 deal to limit Iran\'s nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief excludes its missile program.
Australia: Labor says it is unusual that the offer to allow Australian digital spy agencies to spy on citizens at home appears to have been leaked.
The Australian News Group reported that the new power outlined in the letter between the head of the Ministry of the Interior and the Defense Department would allow Australian signals agency\'s cyber detectives to monitor Australian citizens and local businesses.
\"It is clear that one person in the government is very concerned about this proposal or this high level --
Secrets of Australia
\"Documents with only eyes will not be leaked,\" Labor\'s deputy leader Tanya purbeek told the Nine nets . \".
Foreign Minister Julie Bishop told seven networks that there was no demand for increased power for ASD.
At present, ASD can only collect information from foreigners.
Only domestic spy agency ASIO and Australian Federal Police are allowed to obtain information at home, and then after obtaining a search warrant signed by a lawyer --General.
USA: Larry Harvey, he decided whimsical to erect a huge wooden figure and then burn it on the ground, which led to the long term of popularity
Anti-cultural celebrations known as \"burning people\" have ended. He was 70.
Marianne Goodell, CEO of the burning people Program, said Harvey died at a San Francisco hospital surrounded by family members.
The reason is unclear, but he had a stroke earlier this month.
In the Black Rock Desert in northern Nevada, there are \"burning people\" every week before Labor Day \". The week-
The long summer festival attracted about 70,000 people.
Australia: suburban roads in Melbourne will have an additional 550 km kilometres as part of $2.
The 2 billion state government plans to tackle congestion.
Overhaul of 13 main roads within five years, no land acquisition required, and no charges will be charged.
The plan targets northern and southeastern suburbs.
US: Florida authorities say a man fired two shots at his wife while she was in the toilet, saying he mistaken her for a thief.
Police at Winter Garden said the couple thought they heard the intruder at home, but after checking their home in suburban Orlando, both went to bed.
According to local media reports, about 45 minutes later, her wife Alison Simmons got up and went to the bathroom and found the way with the phone\'s lights.
When she came out, she woke up her husband, Nathan Simmons, who shot her twice, fearing it was the intruder they were looking.
Alison was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. life-
Threatened to get hurt.
Both husband and wife have a similar description of the incident, but the investigation is still in progress. -
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