airpods 3 coming, but may be at a higher price, report hints

by:Rocket PCB     2019-10-29
The next-
According to a recent report, Apple\'s generation of AirPods, which we call AirPods 3, may only be a few months away.
AirPods 3 is expected to be available in the last quarter of 2019 or in the first few months of 2020.
Now, a new report from Digitimes says shipments of printed circuit boards have increased, producing rigidity
Flex pcb will last until early 2020.
What might you ask?
The fact is that AirPods 3 is likely to have completely different elements that Digitimes calls \"brand\"
New internal design with SiP (
System in Package)
Technology instead of rigidity-
Flex board combination.
\"This means that if the pcb is manufactured beyond the expected arrival time of AirPods 3 and since these PCBs will not appear in AirPods 3, Apple may plan to continue selling its current second
Next to the next generation.
As Digitimes explains when it comes to component supplier Unitech, it sounds like AirPods 2 PCB will be around for a long time, and the number is quite large.
In turn, the logic suggests that the next AirPods may be more expensive than the current model.
After all, if the current AirPods 3 is still on sale for $159 or the wireless charging box is $199, then the upgraded AirPods 3 must be on sale for a different price.
Otherwise, who will buy the old version?
The wireless headset market is growing rapidly, with Samsung Galaxy Buds and powerpowerbeats being Apple\'s only two challengers in the market.
Digitimes says Apple has nearly 70% of the real wireless stereo headset market.
There is another explanation for the increase in production, which Apple CEO mentioned in the company\'s recent financial results.
That\'s why the demand for AirPods is so high that Apple is trying to keep up.
Perhaps Apple is looking forward to strong and growing demand and increasing production in response to the situation.
Still, the logic is still the same, and the production of the AirPods 2 components has continued until next year, indicating the current and future
AirPods gen will also be available. The next-
The generation model of AirPods is expected to adopt new design and improved features, most notably noise-
Water cancellation and improvementresistance.
Of course, this so-called spread may be relative.
Apple has the option to release AirPods 3 for the current model and lower the price for the current version.
Anyway, it\'s a win-win situation. win, right?
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