5 firefighters, 2 workers killed in taiwan factory blaze

by:Rocket PCB     2019-10-24
BEIJING-Taiwan mourns the deaths of five firefighters and two Thai migrant workers in a weekend fire at a computer equipment factory.
According to the official Central News Agency, a fire broke out Saturday night at a factory in the gold poon industry in Taoyuan City, south of the capital Taipei.
Firefighters lost contact with colleagues outside and were trapped under heavy equipment, CNA said.
Seven other firefighters were reportedly injured in the fire.
The report quoted Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Xiao Gong as saying
The Yen said Sunday that the first fire alarm sounded in the area where thin layers of polymer were applied on the printed circuit board.
A large number of flammable chemicals apparently contributed to the fire, and five firefighters were injured by splashing corrosive and acidic substances.
A total of 189 firefighters, 67 trucks and ambulances were taken to the scene of the fire, CNA said.
The news agency said the company had previously been cited for security violations.
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