warning over mass boiler breakdowns this week as cold weather hits – here’s how to protect yourself

by:Rocket PCB     2019-11-20
British Gas expects a surge in boiler failures across the country this week as the first cold wave hits in winter.
The temperature in Britain will be lower than that in Britain. 10C on Thursday.
The energy giant believes that with homeowners coming into contact with thermostats for the first time this year, it will have more than 79,000 visits to homes to help with heating and hot water issues
Soared 34 in the call
Out compared to last week.
It also reveals the worst areas of last winter.
The southeast region is called \"Boil-
Uda triangle \"because the call level is high-
Out compared to the rest of the country.
Southern Thames, southern Bucks, Berkshire and London are 20 percentage points higher than the national average --
More than 26,000 calls in all three areas
Between October and January.
However, despite the high probability of boiler failure, the British gas company found that the British had not repaired the boiler before the winter, although more than three people admitted they didn\'t even know their boiler was in their house.
Matthew Bateman, managing director of field operations at Gas UK, said: \"Based on our home care data, this will be the busiest week for boiler failures across the country.
\"That\'s why our expert engineers will be on standby to help keep our customers warm and the boilers and household appliances will work throughout the winter.
\"What is the new study of consumer groups before winter comes?
Revealed how much you might spend to fix the boiler if your boiler is broken.
What is the new research from consumer groups before winter comes?
Revealed how much you might spend to fix the boiler if your boiler is broken.
It asked more than 200 traders about the cost of repairing all parts of the boiler.
The most expensive part is the main printed circuit board, which will cost you an average of 259, while the new fan will cost you 229 and the new air valve will cost 22.
The homeowner should repair the boiler once a year to make sure there is no problem --
The faulty boiler can be very serious and can cause carbon monoxide poisoning.
To help you warm up this winter, British Gas has made some tips to help you stay warm this winter.
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