Using a Linear Actuator in Assembly Applications

by:Rocket PCB     2019-08-23
A device that converts a power supply generated by a hydraulic, electric, or battery into a linear (linear) motion is called a linear actuator.This is different from the circular motion generated by the motor.To illustrate such a simple example of an actuator that produces linear motion, consider the disk drive of a DVD player that pops up linearly when the button is pressed.
This movement is possible due to a linear actuator.In this device, it is important to consider the highest level of accuracy, highly controllable speed, and programmable force.In addition to this, it is critical to invest in an actuator that is light-weight, compact in structure and easy to integrate with larger processes.
In some cases, you may need to select an actuator that provides the same speed in both the straight line and the axis of rotation.These properties make this actuator ideal for operations related to the assembly department.They can be connected to an electric cylinderA device that quickly challenges traditional pneumatic devices.
In fact, many printed circuit board components also use actuators for various reasons.They feature highly programmable forces and torque.In addition, you can expect controllable positions and speeds in all the axes.
They can be easily integrated into many printed circuit board assembly lines.With innovative soft land features, the unit can land very gently on some of the most subtle components, such as glass or circuit, without damaging your Assembly.In addition, full control is possible to ensure that there is absolutely no damage to the printed circuit board or actuator.
The actuator can be placed at different heights in the Assembly.This makes it easy to monitor the presence of damaged parts or warn users of missing parts.In addition to being used in assembly operations, you can also integrate the linear actuator series in the Test line.
They can be used to test the function of a switch or plug.In addition, they can be easily used for measuring applications because they can quickly cover the set distance.With a linear actuator, you can get a resolution of several microns.
In addition, you can achieve repeatable motion, which means that the actuator works in parallel with your other devices.In an actuator manufactured by a reputable company, you can achieve a very precise position with almost negligible shaft exhaustion.The electric cylinders can be coupled with these actuators to obtain repeatable motion and force.
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