used toner cartridge could be used for bombs, expert says

by:Rocket PCB     2019-10-24
A printer expert told FoxNews that used toner cartridges could easily be converted into bombs.
Com, highlighted concerns about a mysterious object found in an air cargo shipped from Yemen to the United StatesS.
For the purpose of a terrorist attack.
Federal authorities led the plane into JFK International Airport in New York and investigated suspicious packages on two American Airlines UPS planes. S.
The airport responded to the discovery of suspicious packages in Dubai and the UK on Thursday night.
One of the packages contains an object described as a transparent cartridge with wires, and authorities speculate that it may be a manipulated toner cartridge.
John Shane, an expert on printers, agreed.
\"I\'m not sure how toner cartridges are different from any other product,\" Shane, director of communications supplies consulting services at InfoTrends, a market research firm, told FoxNews.
Com pointed out, \"you can take apart a laptop or a can of coffee.
\"In other words, anything can be used as the shell of a bomb.
But Toner cartridges are an interesting choice because there is an industry-wide design around toner cartridges.
Shane noted: \"There is an industry designed around unpacking toner cartridges and replacing old ones with new toner cartridges, which means they are easily accessible--
It is reported that even in Yemen is the source of the terrorist attacks.
\"There is global trade in empty toner cartridges,\" Shane told FoxNews . \". com.
Jim Cerkleski, CEO of Clover Technologies Group, a global leader in remanufacturing Technologies Group, said the circuit boards seen in the reported Image of the particles of the explosive device \"don\'t look like anything in toner or ink cartridges. . .
It obviously looks like a re-engineering system.
\"It looks like a model made by a brother or HP, he said.
Shane\'s not sure.
\"I don\'t know if it\'s hp, Lexmark, Xerox or brother ---
\"It looks like an ordinary office laser cartridge,\" he said . \".
Representative of major printer manufacturers-
Including HP, Canon and Epson-
Declined to speculate on the device.
With regard to reports that the cartridges contain white powder instead of the expected black toner, Shane said it was hard to say that it was evidence of the bomb.
He says white powder is sometimes introduced during remanufacture.
\"There is something called packaging powder that is used to make sure it is done correctly.
Shane said circuit boards similar to those seen in the device pictures are very common and even worn out as they are seen here.
Shane said that in the process of printer remanufacture, it is not uncommon for remanufacture to replace the circuit board with a third method for commercial remanufacture
One party that avoids copyright issues.
\"The original toner cartridge comes with chips that can help them do all kinds of things,\" Shane said . \".
Not all the young people in the ink box chip.
\"Such chips, and the printed circuit boards that hold them, talk to the printer, count the number of pages, know when there is a problem, and even detect when the assembly is worn out to adjust the voltage to keep the components working properly.
\"Some of the remanufactured toner cartridges can easily have rough boards as I see them,\" Shane said . \".
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