spy fears as chinese-owned company builds circuit boards for top-secret f-35 warplane

by:Rocket PCB     2019-10-17
Top Board-secret F-
35 British fighter planes are made by a Chinese
There is a company of its own.
Due to concerns about Chinese espionage, defense experts have raised concerns about the safety of the new fighter plan.
Documents released by the Ministry of Defense said that the relevant part is crucial to \"control many armed forces\"
35 core competencies.
It includes its engine, lighting, fuel and navigation system. F-
In the coming decades, 35 stealth fighters will play a central role in the British air force and the Navy.
The part was manufactured by the manufacturer Exception PCB in Gloucester County and acquired in 2013 by Fastprint, Shenzhen, China.
There is no sign that any company has done anything wrong.
Conservative MP Bob Seely, who wrote a paper on concerns about Huawei in China and 5g mobile networks in the UK, told Sky News: \"I think it\'s amazing.
This is not a problem: is this not good?
But the question is: How bad is the situation?
He plans to raise the matter with Defense Minister Penny modate.
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