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Incorporated in May 9, 1989, Sanmina Corporation is a provider of integrated manufacturing solutions, components, products and repairs, logistics and after-sales servicesMarket Service.
The company mainly provides products to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs)
In industries that include communication networks, storage, industry, defense and aerospace, medical, energy, and embedded computing technologies such as point-of-sale equipment, casino games, and automobiles.
The company\'s integrated manufacturing solutions (IMS)
Products and Services (CPS).
IMS includes assembly and testing of printed circuit boards, final system assembly and testing, and direct-order-fulfillment.
Its components include interconnected systems (
Printed circuit board manufacturing, back panel and cable assembly)
Mechanical system (
Shell, precision machining and plastic injection molding).
Its products include memory and RF (RF)
, Optical and micro-electronic solutions from its Viking Technology Department, defense and aerospace products from SCI technology(SCI)
Its newsys department and cloud storage solutions-
Its department is based on the manufacturing execution system, 42 q.
The scope of service includes design, engineering, logistics and maintenance services.
The company supports transportation, power management, industrial control, instruments and testing equipment, inspection and public safety equipment, capital equipment and self-
Service solution.
Production of the company
Components for machines
Liquid management equipment and complex hydraulic control unitelectro-
Mechanical systems, such as industrial applications-
Grade printing and liquid distribution.
Provide manufacturing and related services including design, logistics and regulatory services to the medical industry.
It manufactures a range of medical devices, including blood glucose meters, computer tomography scanner components, respiratory systems, blood analyzers, cosmetic surgery systems, ultrasound imaging systems, and a range of patient monitoring devices.
The company provides its terminalto-
Terminal Services for defense, aerospace and electronics industries.
The company designs, manufactures and supports a range of defense and aerospace products, including avionics systems and processors, cockpit and wireless communication systems, tactical and secure network communication systems, radar subsystems, nuclear and radiation detection and monitoring systems for land defense and optical fiberoptic systems.
In the field of communications, the company focuses on infrastructure equipment, including wireless and wired access, RF filters, switching, routing and transmission systems, optical and transmission, and enterprise network systems.
It provides design and manufacturing solutions, as well as buildingto-order (BTO)and configure-to-order (CTO)
For the embedded computing and storage market.
The company offers a range of products and solutions with a focus on wireless, wired and optical communications and network infrastructure equipment such as switches, routers and base stations, computing and storage systems, defense and commercial avionics and communications, medical imaging, diagnostic and patient monitoring systemsof-
Sales of industrial products including large printers and ATMs, gaming systems, semiconductor tools for metering, flat print, dry and wet processing, industrial products, energy and cleaning technology products such as solar and wind energy products, oil and gas applications, LEDs (LED)
Lighting, smart meters and battery systems.
The company has production facilities in about 20 countries on six continents.
The integrated manufacturing solutions company provides final system assembly and testing where components and modules are combined into complete finished products.
The company provides final system assembly and testing including wireless base station, wired communication switch, optical network products, industrial and automotive products, LED lighting fixtures, diagnostic medical equipment, point of sale equipment, set-up-
Box and storage on top.
The company offers functional and environmental testing services.
The company also tests whether the product meets the applicable industry, product integrity and regulatory standards.
Company direct-order-
Implemented for its OEM customers.
Direct management of the companyorder-
Use a set of fulfillment processes for general systems and processes that receive order information from customers and provide supply chain management (including procurement and production plans.
The company supports its directorder-
Fulfillment Services in logistics, including delivery of parts and components to the final assembly site, distribution and shipment of finished product systems, and handling of customer returns.
Its system supports directorder-
Implementation of a series of products such as server, workstation, set-
Set-top boxes and medical devices.
The design and engineering team of components, products and services companies provide customers with services from product design and product development to prototyping and validation, production release and final verificationof-
Life support for a range of products covering its market segments.
Its products in design engineering include product architecture, detailed development, simulation, testing and verification, integration and regulatory and qualification services, as well as its introduction to new products (NPI)
Fast service included
Development and release of prototype, function test-to-
Mass production.
It also provides post-
Manufacturing and terminalof-
Life support, including maintenance and continuous engineering support through its Global Services.
The company manufactures backboards at the printed circuit board factory.
It manufactures back panel components by pressing-
Install the high density connector to the plating-
Holes on the bare back plate.
The company is still there-
Circuit and function test of the back panel assembly.
The company offers a range of cable assembly products and services, from automotive cable assemblies and wire harnesses, to complex wire harnesses for industrial products and semiconductor manufacturing equipment.
The company designs and manufactures a series of high
High-speed data, RF and fiber cabling products.
Its cable components are often used in rack systems to connect subsystems and modules.
Its business provides metal manufacturing through soft tools, hard tool stamping and forging with stage and progressive tools, plastic injection molding, robotic welding, powder coating, wet painting, electroplating and cleaning processes.
The company also provides a set of precision processing services in the United States, Mexico, Israel and China.
Viking is its engineering and technical department that focuses on OEM memory, RF, optical and micro-electronics solutions.
Edge non-Viking
Unstable double row
Line memory module (NVDIMM)
Solid State Drive (SSD)
And Dynamic randomaccess memory (DRAM)solutions.
Viking offers a range of products covering SSD and DRAM technology, from computing SSDs customized for the enterprise market to small size flash memory and DRAM modules optimized for industry, telecom, military market.
Viking products include enterprise-class and industrial-grade solid-state drives available in a portfolio of standard and OEM custom formsfactors.
Newisys designs and manufactures storage and server products, including SSD arrays, hard disk drives (HDD)
Array, cold storage, and cloud solutions, including software that manages and provides storage across a variety of structures.
SCI provides engineering services, products, manufacturing, testing, warehouse and maintenance solutions for the global defense and aerospace industry.
SCI also offers products for nuclear and radiation detection and monitoring, as well as fiber optic capabilities for various applications.
42 q provides cloud-
Manufacturing Execution System (MES).
The company competes with Benchmark Electronics.
, Celestica, Inc.
Flextronics International Limited
JETP Circuit Co. , Ltd.
And Cong company.
2700 N 1st StSAN jose ca 95134-2015P: +1408. 9643500F: 1408.
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