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plated holes at discount for wholesale Rocket PCB

plated holes at discount for wholesale Rocket PCB

Gold Finger PCB, long-short finger PCB, staged gold finger PCB
Board thickness:
Surface treatment:
Immersion Gold,Plated Gold
Long-short gold finger, gold plating, electroplated finger
L/C,T/T,Western Union
UL Consumer (Wear, Electronic Digital, Household Appliances, Connectors)/Industrial Control/Automobile TS16949/Medical/Server, Cloud Computing & Base Station/Aviation/Military/Communication (Certification in Related Applications)
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Well-chosen in material, fine in workmanship, excellent in quality and favorable in price, Rocket PCB's printed circuit board is highly competitive in the domestic and foreign markets.printed circuit board's outstanding advantages are as follows.
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Company Advantages
1. Rocket PCB gold column is manufactured by our professional engineers who have the expertise to ensure that each product meets the highest standards in the rubber and plastic industry.
2. We adopt the most stringent quality management system to ensure product quality and stability.
3. The function of this product has achieved a breakthrough.
4. In industrial contexts, the product is regarded as an important part of industrial process equipment and heavy machinery.
5. The product is designed to deliver safety and comfort for the patients and provide enough support for the healthcare practitioners.
Rocket PCB supports gold-plated finger PCB, immersion gold gold finger PCB, hard golden finger PCB, flash gold gold finger PCB, long-short gold finger PCB, staged gold finger (graded golden finger) PCB production. Gold-plated fingers put forward higher requirements for the production process. If the experience is insufficient, it is easy to cause bad problems such as blackening, whitening, pollution, side corrosion, scratches, size discrepancy and so on.

Rocket PCB has rich experience in this field, and has accumulated many years of production experience. Through process improvement, film optimization, liquor adjustment, plating parameters and other links of optimization, it has completely realized zero defect, which is highly appreciated by customers.

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What is a gold finger

Gold finger is the generic name of the gold-plated connector that runs on the edge of the PCB prototype. Because they are golden, long and thin, they are similar to fingers, so we call it gold finger.

Some common applications of golden fingers are:

  • ◪   Provide interconnection points for transmitting network data.

  • ◪   Where a sub-board or dedicated adapter is attached

  • ◪   Connect external components to the prototype PCB

  • Use as an audio adapter

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Elctroplate process

ENIG: ENIG is more cost-effective and easier to solder than the electric gold plating. But its soft and thin (usually 2-5u ")composition makes the ENIG unsuitable for achieving the abrasion effect caused by the circuit board insertion and removal.
Electroplated Hard gold: This gold is solid (hard) and thick (usually 30u "), so it is more ideal for achieving the abrasive effects caused by constant PCB usage. 

There are many meticulous steps involved in the process of plating gold fingers. To ensure that all of these fingers and slots fit, each PCB must pass a series of inspections and defect tests.   


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Conventional gold finger:Gold finger is of equal length.
Staged gold finger PCB :The etching pattern of the golden finger position needs to be realized by multiple film pasting, exposure and solder masking. The position and pattern need to be strictly and accurately controlled.
Long-short gold finger PCB:Its process is similar to the staged gold finger, which requires multiple exposure and electroplating to obtain the graphics of the long- short gold finger and  requires the following design rules: plated holes, SMD and pads should not be placed within 1.0 millimeters of the gold finger; plated pads cannot exceed 40 millimeters in length.

As more and more technologies rely on golden fingers, it is vital that we have them plated and tested to meet the highest standard and to ensure the highest performance. Rocket PCB provides the PCB with the highest quality for customers from different industries with our extensive experience.

Staged gold finger production demo           

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Key dimensions control

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Product compare

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Our advantages and services

  •   24 hour real-time technical support

  •   Quick turnaround with 24 hours and instant quote

  •   Effective and flexible PCB engineering solutions save your cost

  •   State-of-the-art PCB including rigid, FPC, rigid-flex, metal base, RF/microwave, hybrid, HDI, embedded, LED, backplane, ceramic substrate, IC substrate

  •   Strong partnerships with different reputed material suppliers such as  Rogers, Arlon, Nelco and Taconic can realize a fast service to a wide range of PCB applications

  •   Superb quality are guaranteed under the ISO9001, ISO14001, TS16949, OHSAS18001, ISO/IEC27001 system, insist on adopting 5S methods, Lean Six Sigma quality systems

  •   Complete service from free DFM, traceable manufacturing to complete after-sales service

  •   On time delivery more than 99%

Product application

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Consumer electronics
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Automotive electronics
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plated holes at discount for wholesale Rocket PCB-Rocket PCB-img-1                
plated holes at discount for wholesale Rocket PCB-PCB prototype-pcb fabrication-PCB maker-Rocket PCB-1                
Industrial & Instrumentation
plated holes at discount for wholesale Rocket PCB-pcb fabrication, PCB maker, PCB manufacturer-Rocke-1                
IOT/Smart Home
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Medical electronics
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Security Industry

Company Features
1. Providing a wide range of gold column and suchlike products, Rocket PCB Solution Ltd. is well received by customers.
2. Rocket PCB Solution Ltd. adopts internationally advanced production equipment and processes.
3. Rocket PCB has been continuously developing its service quality to improve the satisfaction of domestic and foreign customers. Call! Rocket PCB Solution Ltd. aims to fully introduce gold finger pcb into the international market. Call! Our company strives to achieve a strategic goal: the top brand in the world motherboard pcb industry. Call! Our objective is to work together with our clients to create competitive products. Call!
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