imported mobile phones may cost more, slapped with 10% customs duty

by:Rocket PCB     2019-10-10
: The government imposes a 10% basic tariff on parts such as mobile phones and chargers, headphones, batteries and USB cables to promote the development of domestic manufacturing.
According to the official statement, ten per cent tariff is imposed on imported mobile phones and chargers, batteries, wired headphones, microphones and receivers, keyboards and other accessories, designated electronic goods such as USB cables.
However, the current basic tariff exemption for specific parts of the phone-
Printed circuit board components (PCBA)
The camera module, connector display assembly, touch screen, lid glass assembly, vibrator motor and ringing will continue.
The statement made it clear that the Indian government intends to promote the manufacture of mobile phones, which said that the input and raw materials used to manufacture parts of specific electronic products, including mobile phones, will also continue to be exempted from basic tariffs.
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