Electronic Circuit Boards - Breadboard, 'Veroboard'

by:Rocket PCB     2020-04-24
When you try to build a robot for the first time, you have to be an expert in electronics, mechanical and programming. Today, let us talk about or delve into the field of electronics. Did you know there is a subject called Field Theory, studied by Electronics undergraduates? Now, just for laughs, Field Theory is often called as Failed Theory. Yes, as scary as they sound, they are actually fine, these electronics when you can see them straight in the eye. I believe many people think electronics is such a tough field because things are not so concrete at first. Power, current, voltage are things that cannot be seen by the naked eye, but yet very real. They do exist and serve us in somehow, invisible ways. First, get to know what are the functions for each of the electronic parts. Be it the wire, transistor, resistor, capacitor, batteries, and so on. It is like building a castle. To build one, you will need every brick to support the huge castle. Just like life, it takes many experiences to excel. Second, once you know about them, it is time to burn them. What I mean by this is, most electronic projects require assembling a particular board. This is due to electronics nature. Remember when I had told you about building castles? Well, in this case, burning is referred to soldering of the electronic components. Only then, you will practice the skills applied in soldering and how to speed up. You will also go through what many electricians go through the first time they dive into this field.
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