Circuit board in welding ink wrinkles out of the bubble is what reason

by:Rocket PCB     2020-08-10
PCB board face blister is surface binding force bad problem, namely the plate surface quality problems, it contains two aspects: 1. Printed circuit board (deltavave problems; 2. Surface micro roughness ( Or surface energy) The problem. All circuit boards PCB board face blister problems can be summarized as the above reasons. Coating binding force between the poor or low, in the subsequent in PCB production process and assembly process is difficult to resist coating to circuit board production and processing in the process of stress, mechanical stress and thermal stress, and so on, resulting in different degree of separation between the plating phenomenon. Now may cause surface in the process of production and processing quality of adverse factors summarized as follows: 1. Base material processing problem: especially for thinner substrates ( General 0. 8 mm below) , because of low substrate rigidity, unfavorable use brush brush plate plate. So may be unable to effectively remove the substrate in order to prevent the surface oxidation of copper foil in the process of production and processing and special processing layer, while the layer is thinner, brush plate is easy to remove, but the chemical processing is difficult, so the important note in production and processing control, lest cause panel substrate copper foil and copper chemical bonding force between the surface bubbles caused by bad; This kind of problem in the lining of the thin black, dark brown to change unhealthy exist, uneven color, partial dark brown is not quality problem. Double bind circuit board proofing production 2. PCB board face in machining ( Drilling, laminating, edge milling, etc. ) Process of oil or other liquid from dust pollution caused by the surface treatment of undesirable phenomenon. 3. For sink copper electroplating processing: after washing problems to a large number of chemical liquid medicine treatment, all kinds of acid-base the non-polar organic solvent such as drugs, PCB board face wash not net, especially heavy copper adjustment in addition to the agents, not only can cause cross-contamination, also will cause the panel local processing bad or poor treatment effect, the defect of uneven, cause some of the binding force; So pay attention to strengthen the control of water, mainly including the cleaning water flow, water quality, water washing time, and time control board a drop of water; Special winter low temperature, water to wash the effect will be greatly reduced, more attention should be paid to the strong control of the water; 4. Bad sink copper brush plate: sink copper before grinding plate pressure is too big, cause the orifice deformation brush an orifice copper foil round orifice base material leakage, even in the sink copper electroplating tin welding process can cause orifice foaming phenomenon; Even brush plate caused no leakage base material, but excessive brush plate can increase the roughness of orifice copper, so copper foil at that point in the process of micro erosion coarsening susceptible to coarsening phenomenon of excessive, will exist certain quality hidden trouble; Therefore attention should be paid to strengthen the brush plate process control, can pass the wear test and testing the water film will brush plate process parameters adjusted policy to the best; 5. Heavy copper pretreatment and micro erosion in graphics processing before plating: micro erosion excessive can cause leaking orifice base material, cause the orifice around foaming phenomenon; Insufficient micro erosion can cause binding force, cause foaming phenomenon; So to strengthen the control of micro erosion; General sink copper pretreatment of micro erosion depth in 1. 5 - 2 microns, graphics processing before plating micro erosion in 0. 3 - 1 micron, conditional best weighing method through chemical analysis and simple test control micro erosion thickness or for corrosion rate; Normally after micro erosion surface bright color, uniform for pink, no reflections; If the color is not uniform, or presence of reflective instruction system before processing quality hidden trouble. Pay attention to strengthen inspections; The copper content of micro etching slots, bath temperature, load, micro inhibitor content and so on are all must pay attention to the project; 6. Sink sink copper rework bad: some copper or graphics turned after rework board because tun bad plating, in the process of rework rework right way or improper control of micro corrosion in the process of rework time or other reasons can cause surface bubbles; Heavy copper rework if found online bad sink copper can be washed directly from online oil removal after pickling withdraw without corrosion direct rework; Had better not to oil removal, micro erosion; For electrical thickening of PCB board, panel should now micro erosion groove tun plating, pay attention to the time control, we can use a two pieces of plate roughly calculate the faded plating time, guarantee the faded plating effect; Faded after the application of brush plating machine after a set of soft grinding brush brush and then sink copper according to the normal production process, but the corrosion micro etching time to halve or make necessary adjustment;
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