apple receives patent for a \'foldable\' iphone design

by:Rocket PCB     2019-10-29
The entire frame design hasn\'t changed much since the iPhone was released nine years ago ---
Rectangle with rounded corners.
But Apple will soon overhaul the design of the iPhone.
According to supplier leaks and patent filings over the past few months, speculation is being made about how Apple will handle the iphone in the future.
Interestingly, Apple recently obtained 9,485,862 patents called \"electronic devices with carbon nanotubes printed circuits \"---
According to Apple, this includes a foldable device design.
The image in Apple\'s patented design shows a model of a flip device that looks similar to the Nintendo 3DS.
How will this work?
The conductive carbon nanotubes path described in the patent will enable the iPhone to be flexible and crack-resistant.
The patent states that a combination of plastic, glass, ceramic, metal, fiber composites or more than two materials can also be used for foldable smartphones.
Here is how the patent describes the path of flexible carbon nanotubes that can be used in the equipment: \"Carbon nanotubes structures can be incorporated into signal cables, such as flexible printed circuit cables, including a rigid printed circuit board with a rigid part of the flexible tail, a printed circuit (
Sometimes called \"rigid bending \")
, Display the part of the structure, the part of the touch sensor, such as the capacitive touch sensor array used for display or track pads, camera structure, antenna structure, shell structure, internal equipment structure, electrical components, supports, walls of houses, other structures or combinations of these structures.
In the above photo, you will notice that the design of an imaginary foldable iPhone can be opened and closed with flexible seams and hinges.
The patent was originally filed in August 2014, so it seems that Apple has considered foldable smartphones for more than a few years.
There are rumors that Samsung or LG will launch foldable smartphones in the first place, but it seems that Apple may achieve this faster.
It is worth mentioning that companies usually apply for patents without actually implementing the technology, but this application supports previous rumors that Apple will produce foldable smartphones.
A recent report by the Japan economic news agency, Forbes contributor Brooke, sparkles and reports that on August, Apple will provide a curved OLED iPhone on 2017, more surface OLED iPhone 2019 2018 and two folding of iPhone of options.
In 2019, I believe there will be 4. 7-
It can be turned into an iPad mini and a 5 inch foldable iPhone. 5-
Can be a full size inch foldable iPhone
The size of the IPad when it unfolds.
Apple is expected to release a device called the iPhone 8 in 2017.
Rumors about the iPhone 8 have been circulating for months.
Hon Hai Precision Industry (
Known as Foxconn)--
One of Apple\'s largest manufacturing partners-
The company says it is manufacturing wireless charging modules for the next generation of iPhones.
According to Ben Sin, a Forbes contributor, according to a keynote speech by Foxconn executive Tai Jeng, the next iPhone will have OLED panels
He is at his alma mater.
What do you think about the possibility of a foldable iPhone?
Do you think you will buy that kind of equipment?
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